Too late but mojo is back

Found it, it wasn’t down the sofa or in my jeans pocket. Still don’t know where it was but my mojo, its returned, 7miles into a hurricane Gertrude affected run. Not in time for Saturdays stocksbridge chase 10k.

Since the last post I actually managed to run 2x track interval sessions, an 8miler, a couple of 7milers and Mondays 10mile soakfest in torrential rain and gales. My mind tried to make me stop at 7miles but this time I thought no way I am fighting on. Eventually I did stop thinking jumping on a tram would be quicker than running the last 2miles to work. I was badly wrong. It wasn’t.

Last night was the second time (with last week) in 5yrs of being an hallamshire Harrier I had tried the dreaded track interval sessions, they hurt but are rewarding as a hard speed session and hopefully if I continue doing Tuesday on the track I can finally kick on and chase sub 38min for 10k.

Today with still tired legs after the track I attempted a 7 or 8 miler. I was fine for the first 2miles but then I started to tire. I gritted my teeth and even managed to go from averaging 7:56min miles to the heady heights of………..7:34min miles. Lol

5miles in I was suffering. Do I continue towards meadowhell and try for 7miles or be sensible and just do 10k?

10k it was and a needed cuppa & chat with stu and debs at Accelerate.

Anyone in sheffield not ITK Accelerate is a specialist running shop on attercliffe road. They also organise and support a fell running series called the gritstone as well as sponsoring other races like the 10ten10. Always happy to provide a cuppa and chat with no pressure to buy, it is always worth a visit.



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