Wheres me mojo?

I have…….Checked my trouser pockets……Looked down the sides of the sofa……Looked everywhere for it.

Just can’t find it ANYWHERE.

What is it you ask?

It’s my running mojo. I just can’t find it. I am fine when I get off my arse and lace up my running shoes, most of the time anyway, I have had a few runs where after a couple of miles I just don’t feel it. Not good when I have an ‘A’ race at the end of the month.

It all began with the mid August cracked rib and I just haven’t got back into it. I need to find my mojo, I really do. I can’t put down to overtraining because you actually need to train to do that. So where has it gone?

maybe in here?

Well with the 3rd Silkstone shuffle on Saturday I need to find it. After failing to get out for a run in the last 3 days I am hoping that running club tonight might kick start my mojo. I have some work to do before the stocksbridge chase 10k on September 29th

After all



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