Stocksbridge chase 10k race report – the wind & the hill-oh’s

Thursday I managed a dinner time 3mile track session. Only 1mile warm up, 4x400m at 1:20ave and a mile warm down. Then evening a 4.5mile run where the legs felt really tired.

So after a needed rest day Friday it was time for the stocksbridge chase 10k. The start being 1/2mile away from home it was a nice relaxed walk up the hill, collect my number, quick warm up and time to toe the line. The plan was to work on the hills, use the tailwind and the downhills and hang on as much as possible.

On 3,2,1 go we were off climbing from the start, around the corner and again climbing long lane in a group of 4 others, fellow harrier mark, jed from sheffield RR. & 2 penistone runners. we were running in a strong headwind to the top of wind hill and into the trail thru the woods to the trig point with the wind behind us now. I used the tailwind and downhill to go past and create a little distance between mark and the other 3. This worked with only mark & one of the penistone lads keeping pace into bolsterstone.

Rounding the corner and back into the headwind I decided to let mark & penistone go infront and draft behind. Unfortunately they started to gradually gain a few seconds and I found myself working really hard with no knowledge of who was behind and how close they were. Soon enough we were going back up long lane for the half lap.

Mark was about 30sec infront taking the worse of the wind with the penistone lad tucked in behind. It crossed my mind mark was doing all the work and was going to pay when we got closer to the finish.

This proved to be the truth as just after getting back on the trail upto the trig point penistone went past mark easily. In the meantime I was gaining on both but knew I needed to be with them at the trig but didn’t manage to gain enough. All 3 of us picked up the pace so nothing changed with penistone 6th, 10sec infront of mark who was 13sec infront of me in 8th. Fellow clubmate nick o was 10th despite arriving just as the race started and having to work through the field.

42:23, 8th place and no negatives for me.

Winner ran 35:23, 2nd 37:53 & 3rd 39:42 which looking at other results are 3min slower than their 10k PBs and Marks is 2min quicker than mine so 13sec behind shows a pretty good tactical effort from me in tough conditions. Happy with that.

My review of the race- great little race, today was the first one but sure it’ll
now be a annual race. With the hill and exposure to the weather it’s not really PB potential but that doesn’t detract from its fun factor. Very challenging but worth doing.


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