Marathon Pacing, Loxley Valley speeding & the Bear joke

“It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.”
– Emil Zatopek

6week 3days till the White Peak Marathon.

A short, quick one tonight as I think I am fighting a Damn cold so want to get to bed.

Monday morning I set off as planned on a run to work. Decided that in this instance that I would try a marathon Pace run. For a 3hr marathon the pace needs to be 6:51min mile and 3hr 15min it needs to be 7:26min mile. Left the house and quickly got up to pace along Manchester road, Carried on all the way to work with only traffic lights & road crossings to slow me down. Didnt stopwatch at these times & can be seen in the splits.

7.05 7.10 7.09 7.14 6.51 7.15 7.09 6.58 7.15 7.04 5.14

11.73miles in 1hr 2min20sec.This felt hard but not really hard. I feel I could have gone faster but it was a good exercise in how the first 11miles of the marathon will feel like.

Tuesday night was Hallamshire Harriers Speed session. A group of 11 of us made our way to the back of the old people’s home for the first 4 reps then thru the woods to do 3 more on the drive to the farm. These were quickly dispatched and it was along the trail to the bottom of Black Lane. The hard work began here, A couple of sets of 300yrds to the first lamppost, back to the bottom of the hill,  up 2posts, back 1, up 2posts back 1 and a final up 2 posts. A 2.5mile warm down up rodney hill and down thru Wadsley to the Clubhouse. A good session were I felt strong again. 7.5miles in 58min 49secs.

Wednesday morning I did a 5.16mile recovery run from middlewood tram station to work. Well I suppose averaging 7min 36sec per mile for a 39min run is too fast for a recovery run but it will do.

Hopefully I will wake up virus free as I have a double session planned for tomorrow.

Please donate on my Charity giving page or at least have a look at it.

Anyway Bye For Now.

Love this joke.

Two hikers on a trail came around the bend to find an enormous brown bear about 75 yards up the trail. The bear spies them and begins running toward them at a full gallop. One hiker drops his backpack, sits down, throws off his boots, and starts lacing up a pair of running shoes. 

The other hiker says: “What are you doing? You will never outrun that bear!”.

The first hiker replies: “I don’t have to outrun the bear…”


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