The Running Habit 

“​Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Ryun

350days till the 2018 Virgin Money London marathon 

It’s only been a day I know but here I am again.   After yesterday mentioning I had worked out I need a full year nearly to train for next year’s London marathon I also realised one of the problems I had this year was i had lost the habit of running.  Too many times even when going to the gym I’d get there look at the treadmill, then the weights and go straight over to the weights. I know I was seeing if I could do a marathon on little running and strength work but this became the problem.

Most runners know the only real way to train for running is to run. The only way to get faster then is to run faster.  You can run slower to get faster as well.  This involves running easy for 80% of your runs then absolutely smashing the quality work. No matter how you choose to do it you need to make it an habit.  Day after day or on set days your brain will adapt and adjust.  To those who have caught the Running bug, it isn’t a hobby or pastime.  No, running is a lifestyle.  A way of life and part of life is habit.

Now, whenever I have been  running well it is because I’ve got into an habit of running. Changing jobs has twice affected this. The last time the most.  I’ve always used my commute or at least part of it to train.  3 or 5mile in a morning and sometimes 3 or 5miles in an evening clocks up the miles.  I sometimes also used to run the full 12mile to my old workplaces.  Before you know it you’ve run consecutive weeks of 50miles and suddenly fit.  Even on days I didnt run the 3 or 5miles Now I work less than a mile away from work and work varying shifts between the hours of 6am and 9am so running 3 or 5mile involves running away or past work before coming back.  Because I work so close it became so easy to take the lazy route and not train.

Even the initial enthusiasm this year of running on the treadmill lost its appeal.  So hence me only running an average of 30mile weeks.  The 2:50 VMLM2018 train project will help me get back in the habit again.  Running day after day again will get me somewhere near to full fitness.  A shift at Aldi can take a lot out of you and i  have to consider that when planning training.  Trying to do an hard session before work won’t give me the energy to work as hard as I need for the shift ahead and trying an hard run after is not going to happen.  So getting used to hitting the hard session on days off and easy runs on workdays is the only way forward. This will also help bring the race weight down but I don’t have to let it get me down.   Do this week after week will get me in a rhythm. Kind of like an habit.

Anyway, Bye For Now

 “The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.”

-Franklin Jones


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