All Aboard The 2:50 Train. Destination VMLM2018

”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

351 Days till the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon
Yes, that seems a long time to focus on one specific race.
No, Im not just looking at that race but I know I have a great Marathon run in me and looking so far in from now has a purpose.  I looked back at my training in the run up to Blackpool 2014.  First off the 3months of hard graft before but then I thought I actually started that run up in good shape anyway inc a PB at the Brass Monkey that year despite a lack of training from the new year to then and a super run at the National XC champs.  so I looked a little further back down the Line and I was running pretty good up to the end of the year.  The 2013 Red Bull Steeplechase and a week in Lanzarote. I looked a little further back and what I saw was I had been building that form & shape since I had resigned from Hallamshire Harriers, ran the Sheffield Half 2013 then joined Sheffield Running Club a full year before Blackpool.  A year of solid training had put me on the tracks for a sub 2hr 50min up to 22miles and for the next 2miles into a 38mph headwind for at least sub 2hr 55 but alas I pushed too hard to speed up again and 24.5miles I had imploded for a respectable 3:03.56.   A full Year chugging along making stops at each Race on the line reducing my weight from 12st 6lb to 11st 8lb
Blackpool this year was an experiment in trying to run a fast marathon on little running and a lot of cross training & weights.  It didn’t work for me personally but some people can do it. They also start on a decent endurance base. This is something I normally would have said about myself in the past but not this year.  I never reached a level last year where 15miles was nothing much really.  I tried a few times on the last plan coach David Oldfield had written for Percy Pud & Brass Monkey 2017 but never got the distance in. My body broke down too soon but I was cramming as much load into my carriages as I could.
overloaded_train (3)
A new plan has emerged.  There are quite a few runners in Sheffield who have ran a sub 3hr and now chasing a new dream.  A few have got near to breaking the Sub 2hr 55, 2hr 50 or sub 2hr 45 marathon so I thought why not connect to travel on the same tracks together pulling 7 pushing each other to the intended destinations on the line?
Ive created a Facebook group and invited a few likely friends to make the journey.  Some have declined, some have agreed, some are unsure and some will be picked up at a station on the way.  This group has been called the Sheffield 2:50 VMLM Train.  The idea will be to Train together, coupling on runs around the city to get in equal shape ready for the big journey to a spring marathon.  It really doesn’t need to be London, it could be Manchester, Brighton, Paris etc but the idea is should you have the chance you can pace off a friend knowing one of you may fall back or pull ahead in the latter parts but you’ll know they are there.  Out of them all I know I have the most weight to carry and resistance to pull to catch the others but that is why i’m starting now and hoping I get joined at certain parts of the trip.
Ive took it fairly easy since Blackpool with only a 18mile ride on the Tour DE Yorkshire route that finished near where I live in the following week and this week a 8mile club run where I wasn’t recovered/mentally able to run the desired pace and a 7mile run today.    Ive not been to the gym and I have eaten loads of crap food, as you do……what you don’t?  bugger.  Because of this I’ve put weight on again.  Not much but the belly has returned.  I now look like this…..
Heavy, slow and able to pull a lot of weight but I need to look like this again……….
Fast, light and able to go long distances in a quick time.
Ok, that’s enough with the train puns and mentions.  First off I need to see exactly where I am race fitness wise.  I have 3, maybe 4 races lined up in the next few weeks to gauge how much speed I need to gain again.   17min 5ks, 35min 10ks and god forbid I decide to run one hitting the sub 80min half marathon are desired before the end of the year.  I will need to find the happy medium between strength train and running training.
Slowly but surely I need build weekly mileage to hit week after week of 50miles before  come the winter trying to raise my game to 60 & 70mile weeks.  It’ll be tough with the physically active job.   I’m excited and watching the 2018 ballot open then close 5days later knowing i will definitely guaranteed via GFA be running next year.  My 1st as a Vet40.   Certainly missed the race this year
I will stop rambling now and say….
Anyway Bye for Now
You can still donate to my justgiving page in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust HERE
”All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”
Earl Nightingale


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