Finally started Marathon training and the answer to my previous question.

”If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”
Barack Obama

32 days till the 2017 Blackpool Marathon
2 weeks since my last post and I posed a question and believe I may be getting to an answer
Not long now. Less than 5 weeks and 2 of those should be taper.  obviously as detailed last time I wrote that I’ve ran 2 or 3 long 20mile training runs.  NOPE!!  I ran my 1st one yesterday.
Still, Ive been running 40-50mile weeks haven’t I?  NOPE!!!  I have done a 20mile and a 13mile week
anyone who has or knows anything about marathon training will say that come 23rd April I will be nowhere near ready for the marathon.  But are they right?  Is running mile after mile day after day day the only way to train for 26.2miles?  I guess I will find out soon.
So, am I worrying?
NO,  I have continued to go to the gym and continued to strengthen the body.  I do realize I do need to ramp up the running miles. this means breaking some golden rules.  you are supposed add miles slowly but I need to slam up the mile and rely on my now stronger body to cope.
 I mentioned I had finally managed to run the 1st 20mile run only yesterday.  I chose an hilly route which couple with the atrocious windy rainy condition’s meant it would be horrible.  But, it wasn’t.  I have trained for and ran 7marathons meaning around 35 20mile runs by my reckoning.  Yesterdays was one of the most comfortable,  yes  it felt difficult as I matched in one run what I have been doing in an whole week up to now.   I felt strong all the way, the old hamstring problems was almost non existent and the hills felt easy.  An ave pace of 7:38mpm shows fitness isn’t as bad as feared. I sit at 12st 12lb where previously I have hovered around 12st or under in marathon training so carrying an extra stone of weight should make me slow and lethargic but I am carrying muscle, strong muscle at that so its not affecting me. yesterdays run gave me confidence that I will be in a fairly good place come the morning of the race standing on the line outside of the Blackpool Hilton.
So, where has this strength come from? I have always had strong legs but the glutes did become weak causing me distress, lack of motivation and poor performances so I needed to do the exercises to strengthen them. First off I tried body resistance like unweighted lunges and various stretches but they didn’t work so i joined the gym.  In the gym I do hamstring curls and initially used the leg press machine maxing it out to 180kg for 20reps but that felt easy.  As promised the gym got a free weighted leg press.  On this Ive managed these two resistances
These are weights that most of the bigger guys cant do.   These are the weights that mean I now think if I can get some good running fitness in from here till then I may just surprise myself under the tower and along the promenade wind or no wind this time.
One change since last time is I have a warm up race.  When I entered Blackpool, Emma entered a flat 10mil race on the 9th April called the Vale of York 10mile. Unfortunately her hip as prevented her from training for it so we have now transferred the entry to my name so 14 days before the marathon I will be setting a brand new 10mile PB, the previous set on a trail race with water traps and giant hills where I was also sent the wrong way by a young marshal adding 1.5miles to my race.
so with that I add 18days till the Vale of York 10mile to the countdown.
Lots of training to do but I am confident I can do well in both now.  Sp maybe you can train for a marathon without much running.
Anyway, Bye For Now
”A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.”
Chin-Ning Chu


One thought on “Finally started Marathon training and the answer to my previous question.

  1. Man, looks like you’re absolutely nailing your training! Are you following a strict diet too or just being sensible with it all?

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