How much running is needed for the strong?

​   ” The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!”

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

49days till the 2017 Blackpool marathon

It’s widely believed that you need a good solid Base of marathon training lasting 12-16week to run a successful marathon.  Weeks of at least 50mile plus weeks and 4-6 20mile & above runs.   I did in 2014 but the weather stopped it. I didn’t in 2015 and failed but knew I probably would. I did in 2016 and successfully smashed the sub 3hr.  

This year I most certainly havent. With 7 weeks to go and no long runs or much running generally I’m technically way behind schedule.  Oh no, time to panic!!!!!

The old me would panic. But not the updated 2017 version.  The 2017 version is relaxed and knows exactly what he may need to do and use what I’ve already done.  This year has been a success.  I said the last time I wrote a blog that I was going to strengthen my body by hitting the weights then begin increasing the miles in February.  Good plan but I sit here on March the 6th still running an average of 20miles a week but my body is strong if not a little to muscular.  

Here i am in November 2016.  Struggling to get under 12st and suffering with running fast enough 

And here I am in February and March.  Over 13stone but feeling strong with less body fat and more muscle.  I’m around the same pace but running at that pace feels easier and stronger.  

I’m enjoying the weight and cross training.  When I’m in the gym I train HARD!!! but I know I need to marathon training too from now.  I’m planning on 5 20milers over the next 4 weeks and a warm up 13.1mile be it a race or, like last year a tempo run.  Bear in mind I haven’t ran over 10miles since early January it’s a big ask but hopefully the strong foundations I have built will withstand the onslaught. I’ve realised I don’t need to lose the weight to get to 11st 8lb as long as the muscles are strong enough to carry the weight or run 60mile weeks.  The amount of distance I walk at work (11mile over an 8hr shift at Aldi) and the pace I need to do it means I could get away with 40- 45miles with 50s being a bonus.  Im not panicking and actually really relaxed about trying to run a sub 3hr at Blackpool.  I’ve already proven I can run a 2:58 marathon and the performances at the National xc & Yorkshire vets where I gained a bronze M35 medal have proven I’m not to far off where I was late last year. Both races have shown I am strong as an ox and only the latter stages has the lack of running fitness shown.  Get the fitness back and combining it with the strength fitness means I may, and yes may not, get to the start line in good nick with the ability to run a controlled, fast and strong 26.2miles.  Then it would be on to the shorter distances where my strength really can make a difference before gearing up for VMLM2018.  Onwards and upwards.  

“Strong men have sound ideas and the force to make these ideas effective.”

Andrew Mellon


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