Do or Die:The Yodafield way makes a difference

“What does not destroy me, makes me strong.”– Nietzsche


19 Days to the 2016 Percy Pud 10k

61 Days till the 2017 Brass Monkey Half Marathon

So, continuing on from the Dave Yodafield plan of self destruction and i can honestly say……

Help, hes trying to killll me!!!!!!


No, he isn’t but it felt like that on Thursday night.  The SRC speed endurance session. 6 x 1.15mile session with 3min rest.  A good hard session normally but this time I had nothing in the tank at all. I pushed, I pulled and I puffed through it.  I finally made it through though. Not on my knees or wearing an oxygen mask with flashing blue lights like i thought I would at one point. I even made 2 hard sprint efforts on the last rep.  Its sessions like this that can make the real difference when it comes to racing hard.  When you can remember during the tough sections that you’ve trained just as, if not harder than this in training it makes you push that tiny bit more. So, still alive I moved on with the training week.

Friday was as simple as a 4mile easy pace run in preparation for Saturdays Hillsborough parkrun at full out, eyes bulging effort with an easy run 8mile back home to Stocksbridge.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make it so come the evening I found my self after a 1.2mile warm up smashing out a threshold 5k from Underbank to Deepcar. After a satisfactory first mile i relaxed too much in the middle, picked the pace back up then with no street lights slowed as I was worried by low hanging branches. Still a 19:02, solo and finishing in the pitch black would have been a week or so back a good improvement so im sure with others in the day I could’ve been well back into the mid 18mins.  An easy 10k followed down to Warncliffe Side and back up to home.  I felt strong throughout showing I am getting faster and fitter. This also meant finally and triumphantly i got a rest day!!!!!!


Thankfully Dave as let me ease back into the training this week with a nice easy 5 sets of 4  x 75 second sprints with 1min recovery.  Yes, that’s roughly 20x400m to me. easy eh?


Thankfully Dave has said I wont be doing speed sessions on consecutive days so Tomorrow I can do a….. errrrr……… hang on I’ll take a look…….oh, yes…. a 6-10 x 3min faster than 5k pace rep with 2 min easy running between. What? i mean…. what?  errr…….HELP, He’s trying to KILL ME!!!!!

If you don’t hear from me for a while, This is the guy who did it.  Tell the police.


Oops, not him. That actually is Yoda


That’s the guy. David Oldfield, Sheffield Running Club coach

At least Wednesday is supposedly easy before I hit the Club speed endurance session where I’m pretty sure halfway through I will swear he’s trying to kill us but will make it through anyway.   Friday will be easy before the double race effort weekend.  A Saturday morning Hillsborough parkrun and Sunday is the 3rd South Yorkshire XC at Cannon Hall sandwiched between 2 x 3mile easy runs.  Then it seems I get a nice easy 2 weeks in the build up to the Percy Pud with only a few Strides or minutes on runs. This will be to get as much energy back in before I attempt to destroy myself and my old 10k PB.

in the meantime, if you enjoy reading my blog you can vote for it in the 2017 Running Awards  Community blog section HERE

Anyway, Bye For Now

“There are a lot of guys out there now who know they are not working as hard as other people.  I can’t fathom how they think.”Alberto Salazar


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