‘Exhaust’ed before we got there.  A Worksop half marathon halloween show

”I run because it’s so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can’t. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought”.

-Arthur Blank

34 days till the Percy pud 10k

76days till the Brass Monkey Half Marathon

There are times when things don’t work out how you expect them to, In fact it can go rather poorly but you walk away feeling positives will come out of it.

Last week went great with All the planned sessions hit and my return to club speed endurance after a long absence.  This past week as been a bit of a disaster to counter that. It started with a migraine beginning not long  into what was supposed to be a 13mile run. I started feeling great but a mile in the head pain started, got worse till I stopped short of 2miles and it built through the next few hours at work. Still there Wednesday and a sore throat & sniffles hit Wednesday night.  I managed to shift the majority of the virus by this morning.  I’d entered the Worksop Half marathon only a few week back when Emmas Friend Daniella had to pull out and I took up her place.  The wise old Yodafield had put the run into the plan of self destruction as a full tempo run but I fancied a race.  Realizing he probably knew what he was talking about, the poor week and looking at the bigger picture I decided to tempo for 10miles then race the last 3miles. Sound plan i reckon.

I hadnt ran since the 19.15 hillsborough parkrun last Saturday on tired legs which wasn’t ideal but I figured the legs would be fresh. A good nights sleep helped by an extra hour in bed because of the clocks going back we set off at 8am for the 38min journey for the 10 o’clock race start.  We had short stop for petrol but we still plenty of time to get there. what we didn’t know was disaster was about to happen. Turning off the Gateford road roundabout carrying on the A57 we heard a clunk off the exhaust pipe snapping. We were feet from a pull in where Emma phoned the AA.  The time was 9;15am and Emma realized we were only 2.1miles away by road.  Time for me to run there in time but she would probably miss the race now.  A little thinking and I googled the way there. I set off on the 1.6 miles to Outwood valley academy. That would be the warm up then.  I made it running a little quicker than I should but I had the instant though it was a little quiet for somewhere holding a big race. I double checked the worksop harrier website and low & behold it said Outwood PORTLAND academy. A quick google and it was 2miles away.  S*********T!!!!!!

Emma then rang to say the AA had temporary fixed the exhaust and she was on her way. On finding out I was in the wrong place she came back to pick me up and we made it into Worksop centre. She tried to find a parking place but no success so we said we would give it up as a bad job. it was now 9:45.  We then saw a fellow runner who pointed me in the right direction.  The start was a way from the car park and it became apparent I could make it, just, so I set off running with my number to collect, trousers to take off, pin on my number and store my bag. The time was now 10:00 and the race was due to start but they had delayed it to 10:10am.  I made my way into the crowd and the race started. I tried to set off slow but my legs were alive and no matter how much I tried I could slow them down. The course has changed this year with a different Start/Finish meaning you no longer had 1/2mile of flat to warm the legs up and now went straight up the climb. The 1st 2miles were hit out at 6.20s and the 3rd I managed to calm the energy in my legs.  I needed to ave 165bpm hr for the 10miles but my heart rate on the hills were up and down. I managed to control it best i could but a couple of times my watch said 70bpm which is ridiculous and a few times i hit 176bpm.  Before long we were in Clumber park.

I expected the ever improving Rob Cassy to catch me at some point and he did about 6-7miles in.  I didn’t follow him and continued with the plan. I had forgot about some of the climbs in the park meaning a few 7plus min miles were starting to appear while I kept my heart rate steady.  I went through the hilarious mile 8-9 where the notorious funny signs are. I took a gel with with plans that we were getting close to the 10mile mark and race time.   About 9.5miles I thought to myself. ”surely we cant go any further up” but we were and you just couldn’t see an end to it.  I couldn’t get my heart rate above 159bpm now  and passed the 10mile sign without knowing. i let out a little wet & worrying fart and had a joke with a runner about it.  I wasn’t feeling great so waited till I went through 11miles then put my foot down.  I had been pushing about 1minute when my left glute seized up. I stopped, massaged it out  then started again but I just couldn’t my body to push. I was feeling increasingly unwell so it didn’t take long to give up the racing and carried on running to tempo feel.  it wasn’t quick, it wasn’t pretty but it was good hard running.

I took ages to get to the college which marks 12miles.  The problem is by now I had ran 14.5miles of hard fast running. I hadn’t ran this far since just after the London marathon in April.  Even getting to the fast steep downhill mile finish didn’t help and I was unusually getting passed by runner after runner.  I did managed to find something in the last 200metre but that was a little too late. I crossed the line in 169th in 1:31.10 Gun time, 1:31.00 chip time.

my splits were 6.22 6.27 6.30 6.21 7.03 6.45 6.51 7.23 6.53 7.31 7.07 7.51 6.55 6.26(0.1)

I collected my water, banana and goody bag then went to collect my bag from the baggage store.  I rang Emma and she was still at her Auntie & uncles 2miles away.  I agreed to run there which took all the last energy I had left.  What a bloody day eh?

I should be disappointed by the time. 10min slower than my PB and 7min slower than I ran the race in 2013 but i’m not.

The positives I take out of this:

  • I ran 18miles today not the 13.1-14miles I thought I would
  • I got an hard training run with others and kept my mental toughness together
  • this is a stepping stone to what I need to do over the next 5weeks before the percy pud
  • I proved to myself I can run 13.1miles were Ive started to doubt myself
  • I ran 18miles today!!!!!


The one negative is without a massive improvement sub 36min on the 4th December at the pud is out of the window as a target. Now I look for sub 37mins instead.  I still think a sub 79min may be possible in January but I need luck that I can stay healthy enough for consistent training to get me there.

I am gutted for Emma because she didn’t get to run but with the chaos of getting there maybe it was best.  This was to be her last race of 2016 if not ever. She missed out on a supreme race t-shirt & medal. i’m sure she will be back next year.  Its a great race even with the hills. 

I leave it at that for now.

Anyway, bye for now.

“That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.”

Kara Goucher



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