Doing a Jonny Brownlee and please vote for the blog

“​One finds limits by pushing them”

Herbert Simon

71 days till the Percy pud 2016

113 days till the Brass Monkey half marathon 2017

I know it’s only a couple of days since I last blogged but I suppose something major happened.   Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock you will know what happened to Jonny Brownlee in the week.  If not HERE is what happened.  I had volunteered to pace sub 19min at Hillsborough parkrun’s pacing event.  My plan was to run my own run which I reckon is around 19min so wearing the pacing vest made sense.  I had the option of catching the bus down and run back after but the tight Yorkshire man in me not wanting to fork out bus fare instead thought I’d set off cycling the 8mile  down gently with time to relax and get my running legs ready for the effort. I certainly left the house with time but realising I probably needed some more air in the front tyre got the track pump out.  A few pumps and the cylinder broke emptying the tyre completely.   

A quick dash inside for an hand pump which wasn’t where it should have been and what should have took less than a minute cost me 10min.  If I wanted to get to Hillsborough park in time I would have to ride hard and fast making sure I took on fluid every time I got to a descent or stopped at red lights.  Typically sod & his law dictated all the lights were on green.  Good for time but not me.  I arrived in the park with 5 min to spare but getting changed and fluid were going to be tough. I got what I could down me,  changed and put on the 19min pacer vest.  I could feel I wasn’t right but put it to the back of my mind. Set my watch to 5.58min mile and then it was off.  I set off fast,  too fast but felt ok.  This didn’t last long and a quick glance at current pace showed 4:35 mile pace.  

I slowed down but again a look at the watch I saw 5.29. Still way too quick but time I thought to pull it around.  That’s when the dizziness began followed by seeing stars then realising I was stumbling face first forward.  I got myself right but instantly sat at the sides. I knew there and then the run for me was over after 0.6mile of the 5k distance.  I pulled the pace vest off and walked back to the start/finish and laid down to get some strength back.  Took a while but once I had I got the bike from where I had locked it up and began the slowest ride home.  

It’s shocking how quick you can deteriorate. One second I was fine then bang your body just gives in and shuts down partly.  It could have been dehydration, oxygen debt from going off too hard or jointly both but like jonny I’m not exactly inexperienced and should know better.  Lessons will be learned and I will come back again.  Monday I begin the Dave Yodafield 10k & 1/2 marathon plan of self destruction.  For now I’m sat here feeling slightly sorry for myself, trying to regain some energy and getting the occasional dizzy spell when I stand too quick.  Thankfully my first hard run is 3 days away on Tuesday or even Thursday if need be so I should be fine.  

You can make me feel better by voting for this blog for the Running Awards 2017 community blog that someone has kindly nominated me for by clicking here – Running Awards Runningowl 😉

 Anyway, Bye For Now 

“Even the accomplished suffers setbacks sometimes. The more bitter the lessons, the greater the successes will be.”
Lucio Tan


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