Enjoying not running but not for long

”What is without periods of rest will not endure.”
73 days till the Percy Pud 2016
115 days till the Brass Monkey 2017
ive kept to my promise to run easy or not at all. Well mainly not at all till lunch time today.  you know what? i’ve enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong ive not just sat doing nothing at all. Ive began strengthening my upper body & core muscles and been foam rollering to death on the High Roller i won on RunningHeroes website.  Great bit of kit and opened up the range of muscles i can roll out for recovery.  No pain no gain.  Easy to put up and dismantles to a small storage space.
Straight away i’m feeling the benefit of the rest, recovery and strengthening I have done. I also sat down with the YodaField to talk training plans and speed sessions.  The basis will be 2 or 3 speed sessions inc long tempo’s, short intervals and full out parkrun’s.  No speed sessions on consecutive days or on 8hr shift days. All other runs will be easy or steady and short to prepare my body for the next quality speed session. i’m actually quite excited and i will admit without the plan would put myself through the hard runs the plan will no matter how much I think i would.  Down on paper and with Dave watching I will feel the urge to get my ass out and run…..hard.
One thing vital part of making sure I run my easy days gentle is that i’ve signed up for Ron Hill run everyday in October.   Dr Ron Hill, ex GB Olympian from the 60s turned Clothing magnate has ran every day since December 1964. Now that is what you call a streak. He even ran the day of and after being hit by a car.  Inspirational stuff.   I will be running every day in October so keeping fresh and well is important.
  The SY XC season also starts in October.  MUUUUDDDDDDD!!! HELL YEAH. I love the cross country season. mainly because its something im pretty good at with the ability to beat comfortably runners who are faster on the roads than me. below is from the National XC champs this year.  If I can quickly find pace & form I hope for a great season.
So the run I knocked out at dinner time.  I was supposed to run an easy flattish route but me being me put on my trail shoes and went out for a fell run with a big climb and a fast descent. Ive said I’m going to put on the Sub 19min pacing vest at Hillsborough parkrun’s pacing event on Saturday. Not doing it as a pacing effort as I think I will only just break 19min at full out effort. I make no apologies if i fail or go faster than 18.50 (chances slim) but if im going to do it I may as well put a target on my back.  Same as below but with a 19 on it.
The Dave Yodafield plan of self destruction mark 2 begins on Monday 26th September. The day before Emma runs her first official half marathon at Nottingham half.
Good luck Wifey.
Anyway Bye For Now
”A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”

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