Confidence, a change of direction & Mr Joggles does the Trunce


”I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
Jimmy Dean

4 days since the Vale of York Half Marathon (not actually near York)
Last time i blogged, been a while, and I was Streaking in some emergency attempt to get fit for the race. The Streak lasted 21 days before a Gastroenteritis bug meant 4 days off running. I then attempted to try again but the motivation wasn’t there anymore.  I did get some form despite a worryingly poor SRC club tempo 10mile a few days before the race which affected confidence i was looking at a possible 83min finish was on last Sunday. Nowhere near the Sub 80min I was looking for originally but this time I would be happy with this. After realizing the race was near Selby not York i hastily arranged a lift off Rob Cassy and Rob Jones, both looking for Sub 90min. Cassy his 1st attempt but Jones has tried a few times with no luck and a week before was suffering from an hip problem putting his race in doubt. luckily he made the race.
So 6am i was out of the house making my way 1st by bus then by road bike to meadowhall for pick up. 45min later we were at the Shelburn aero club, collecting numbers and dropping bags off.  1mile warm up and to the start/finish area.  because of traffic works the race  was delayed 15min.  When we did start I executed the plan of a quickish start with a comfortable 5:54 first mile then onto 6:15s but soon i was dropping seconds to 6:20s and 30s.  Still on for the 1:23.00 but 8miles in i got the feeling of wanting a number 2. i worked through but at mile 10 i realized 1:24 was looking more likely. I decided to give it a mile and make a decision on carry on for expected time or cut back, find the 2 Robs and help them to sub 90min.  The latter happened and soon Rob Cassy came past well under needed pace and I figured Rob Jones wouldn’t be far behind. a few minutes and 1/2mile later I found him. He looked beaten. He said ”its done” but it wasn’t quite.  2 6:45s and sprint he could just dip under.  Unfortunately there was no picking him up and we settled on him just getting a new PB.  We crossed the line in 1hr 32min 10sec. A new PB but he was a little down about not getting it when friends who haven’t yet gone sub 40min 10k have. Rob Cassy smashed the 90min in 88min 23secish.  it was a quiet journey back to Sheffield. I rode the 13mile home from Meadowhall to Stocksbridge and was absolutely beat.  Great training day but I realized this was my slowest half marathon in 6yrs.  lol
Whats hit me, well I’ve known for a while when it comes to racing I haven’t got the confidence in my own ability.  Ive dropped down to 19min parkrun’s and cant say Ive been happy in a race/race pace effort since VMLM16 which is still below what i think i am capable of.  I let negative thoughts get in my head which in turn slow me.  Possibly I’m not conditioned for the hard effort a race brings but running fast & racing fast rely on being confident you can do it.  Training is one way to get confident. putting in mileage, hitting the key sessions (like the 10mile the Tue before VoY where as mentioned I struggled) and racing enough to get the right mentality is paramount for hitting targets in key races. Jogging parkrun’s, while being runs not races, every now and again is ok but doing it regularly means that’s what the mind gets used to. Like i Mentioned Rob J looked beaten when i found him due to slowing mid race and having failed attempts in his head. Rob C had the confidence to hit it due to not feeling the pain of missing the mental barrier before.  Confidence & mental strength is as vital has hitting training goals and target paces.
With this in mind I’m taking a couple weeks of easy and possibly no running till the Day after Emma does The Nottingham Half on the 25th September. Her 1st official Half marathon despite running a Marathon in April. Ive Asked the coach of Sheffield Running club Dave Oldfield if he can help me with a plan aiming initially for the Percy Pud 10k at the beginning of December then the Brass Monkey half mid January. Those following my blog for a while will know I followed a D.O. plan of self destruction in the run up to Blackpool marathon 2014. It put me in the best shape id been in and hopefully we can formulate a plan to not only get there again but also in better shape.  Sub 36min for Percy pud and sub 79/80min for the Brass monkey.  A Dave Oldfield plan is old school hard work over the new fad of HR/Lactate training.  When i first saw the plan for 2014 my jaw dropped and i thought no way i will be able to do it without breaking but I didn’t break, I grew stronger & faster and I know I am more focused when following a plan.  It’ll be different this time as my work shifts are not the same each week and the work involves more time on my feet to the point I can achieve enough steps to walk 13miles in an 8 hr shift. These shifts can be tiring without putting a 6mile threshold on the back of it.  I’ll need to train smart as well as hard and may need to get used to 4am rises for 5am runs before shifts.   Im actually excited about doing a Dave Oldfield plan as no plan or coach as got as much quality out of me. fingers crossed I’m buzzing in a couple of months time as i get back in to 17min 5ks in training and races.
Last Monday was the last Trunce fell race of the year. Traditionally its fancy dress i decided to bring out Mr Joggles the evil running clown to terrorize the local fell running community. Obviously running in fancy dress it wasn’t as quick as it could have been especially with a half marathon the day before in the legs but I had fun. It wont be the last time Mr Joggles is let loose on a race.  Be Afraid, be very afraid.
Anyway Bye For Now
”A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope.”
Howard Thurman

One thought on “Confidence, a change of direction & Mr Joggles does the Trunce

  1. I saw your costume at The Trunce – truly terrifying, if you hadn’t been way ahead of me already, I’d have run loads faster to get away from you! Excellent commitment to fancy dress there.

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