Great Grimsby 10k report. 

 “The trouble with running is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.”Franklin Jones

41 days till the Vale of York Half Marathon 

Been quite a while since the last blog and lots of things have happened but my running has gone backwards. I just can’t get my head right. I’ll have a good week then the next I’ll pull out of runs or simply sack them off completely. Of the runs I do they will be steady efforts. Seb Coe once said “long slow running makes long slow runners.”  While I don’t really believe this if you do quality speed sessions it can be true if that’s all you do. Races don’t always count as speed sessions as you train to race not race to train.  Sometimes races can unexpectedly become training runs though. Brings me on to today. 

When I first entered the inaugural Great Grimsby 10k it was with a possible attempt at low 36 or even a 35min 10k attempt. Unfortunately as I mentioned my head or heart hasn’t been in the 10k training and 4 speed based sessions in the ten weeks since I last wrote a blog just isn’t anywhere near enough. This was the first time I have ever considered not even going to a race. It hasn’t cost me any entry fee as I had won my fee back do nothing lost, nothing gained. At 12st 4lb I am 10lb over my best race weight of 11st 8lb. It was only Friday night I decided I really did want to run.  So, 7:15am me, Lucas & Emma set of up the M1, M18 and M180 to Grimsby. 

Arriving in good time, toilet visits and a mile warm up done I lined up at the start. Chatting with fellow Sheffield Running Club member Chris Johnson he stated he’d rather be doing a long run. Words to remember. 

Off we went and I went out hard and fast staying on the heels of Steve Marshall of Rotherham Harriers.  A mile in and I was still just behind Steve and running with Dave Tune & Jenny Blizzard when I noticed I was working a little too hard with a HR bpm of 210. That was unsustainable in the heat of the mid morning July sun. I dropped off the pace to reduce my heart rate to a more manageable rate. By the time I had I’d lost time, places and confidence. This is when I decided to use the last 5miles as a tempo session.  

Still a few people went past including Chris. He looked to be running well. I was chuffed for him but couldn’t let him get too far in front just in case I felt like picking it back up.  I didn’t

The sun was only getting hotter and more intense and I was happy with just ticking out 6:25 miles.  I would let people go past then pick them back off.  Before long we got to 7k and the engio Magic Mile where there was a prize for the quickest through here. I did increase effort but it was a steady incline so pace maintained. Over the bump and we were back in Grimsby centre and heading into princes park for the finish. I had lost Chris but saw him sprinting in to the finish in the centre of the park. Looked at my watch, saw the clock (37:53) then 400m to go. I kicked hard as I could and through 200m to go where I pushed even harder.  As I came into the straight  I saw 38:45 and put every last effort into crossing the line. 38:55 on the watch & officially too. If the signs were accurate I ran the final 400m in 1.02. That shows I have the pace but not the endurance and confidence. I collected my water, medal, goody bag and finally t-shirt.  I met Emma & Lucas and off we went back to the car for a short drive and day in Cleethorpes. Really enjoyed quality family time.   While I didn’t get my time I made it a worthwhile run. The race is good and exceptional value at £10/£12. Well organised on a traffic free almost flat fast coarse. I may be back next year in better shape. Great t-shirt and medal

Chris ran an excellent 37.58 which I am sure is a massive PB and Steve 36min dead after his garmin died.  Closer to the search for 35min but that tiny bit short.  2 fantastic runs from those 2. 

I will be back. Fitter, faster, stronger and hungry. 


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