Target VoY 79min

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.”

John Dewey

It’s been 4 weeks since the 2016 Virgin Money London marathon and  things have moved on nicely at first but then came a setback.


Right, to start with I continued training hard while trying to recover in time for the next big race, The Flat and fast North Lincs half marathon in sunny scunny or Scunthorpe to give it its proper name.  Pace was the aim for my runs post  London and despite saying I wasn’t going to chase Strava CRs I ended up gaining a few which got the juices flowing and for the first couple weeks I continued to be fast. All was looking good.  Then the weather improved and got hot.  The Monday before North lincs and following a Saturday parkrun & Sunday steady with another CR,  I set off to gain an hard big CR & a couple of smaller easier ones and set a status of intent for both the last South Yorkshire 5mile road league on the Wednesday and North lincs.  Unfortunately I put so much effort into the initial hard CR in soaring temperatures and no air I felt drained for the rest of the run.  I did gain most of the other targeted CRs but had to cut the run short.  I decided to rest completely all Tuesday and most of Wednesday to get energy for an attack of 28min something for the road league race.  All wednesday I felt tired and had a feeling something in my body wasn’t right.  I used caffiene to wake myself up and made my way to Penistone for the race.  The warm up felt good and so did the 1st mile, strong and fast but suddenly I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I was forced to stop to gather my senses.  I set off but not as quick as before and 3/4mile later I was pulling out of the race feeling nauseous and jogging back to the start/finish.  Gutted but I put it down to a little bug I must have caught.


I took It easy the rest of the week and Very early Sunday morning I got a lift off fellow Sheffield RC runner Sian & her husband Simon up to Scunthorpe United fc hq glanford park for the half marathon. Again  aiming for a quick time I expected at least a PB if not sub 80min. I set off at what I thought was a quick pace then settled into a stride till 10miles.   Something still didn’t feel right but going through halfway in 40:28 it wouldn’t be too hard to pick back up for the second half.  This never happened and despite going past several other runners including a couple of fellow south Yorkshire runners who had earlier passed me I finished in 1:23.11.  I took comfort in feeling strong all the way around but the pace just isn’t in my legs.  I did finish 4th counter for the club to win the team prize yet again but still feel I am better than my time. 


I may be being hard on myself as it was hard and I haven’t rested really after an hard training year and a successful marathon only 3 weeks before.  Hence the last  7 days have been short and easy running.  I said after North Lincs I needed an easy week and look for another flat fast half marathon. This I’ve found in the Vale of York half on Sept 11th.  16 weeks away. 


Tomorrow, Monday the 23rd May I begin Target VoY 79min.  Not settling on just trying to beat 80min I have decided to aim 1min faster.  16 weeks of hard training trying to smash out at least 1 each of an interval/track based session, an interval run working towards a full 13.1mile at sub 6 min miles eventually and the all important long runs of 15mile+.   There will be warm up races on 15th July (donny 5k)  & 31st July (Dong Grimsby 10k) as well a few parkruns & other races I can fit in. 


One bonus in the last week after a dissapointing over 2yrs absence was my return to the Trunce.  One of my favourite races.  Loved it as usual and successfully set an adjusted PB (28.31) in 28.11. My actual fastest time is 27.11 but they adjust it as you get older.  I hope I will be able to run many more of the 9 race series as it’s fun but also mentally toughening as you cross the river 3 times and climb 2 good off road hills.  My depression also returned bad on Friday & Saturday so the fight goes on. Don’t worry I have got through it in my own way so all good now. You can still donate to my Justgiving page HERE in aid of MIND the mental health charity.  Many suffer day in day out with depression or bipolar and it’s a disease that kills people every day. 

Watch this space on full Target VoY plans as they come on. 


111days till the Vale of York half marathon 

Anyway Bye for now

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Thomas Jefferson


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