A viral setback to the last VMLM2016 training week. Hmpfff

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
-Unknown author


14days till the 2016 Virgin Money London marathon

I started a new job Monday that while it will give me more time with Emma & lucas it’ll also mean I should have more time to train.  It just didn’t this week.  Too tired from Sunday to run Monday it made sense to take the day as a much needed rest day with plans to run tuesday twice.  Deciding not to run in the morning in the end I prepare myself to run after a 5hr shift. Again in the end I capitulated and didn’t.  Shameful in what was supposed to be my last full week of Marathon training.  Running is an habit and if you get in the habit of sacking off runs then that becomes an habit instead.  Wednesday morning then? Again I capitulated and talked myself out of it.  


Thankfully Wednesday afternoon in the wind & rain I found the motivation to get my ass out there and racked up a useful run even though at times it did seem my body had forgot to run.  Bonus is I discovered what used to be a muddy trail local to home had been relaid as a really good slightly flatter running surface.  5miles with an average pace of 7.20mpm and a surprise strava CR which in the wind was pretty good. 

Thursdays was a day off work so after dropping Lucas off at nursery I did the 5mile loop from Wednesday in reverse.  Another successful run with yet another CR on a different section.  I took this off a running buddy but I had a feeling it wouldn’t last long.  The evening was Sheffield running club speed session but 1st I did a 3.5mile commute to EIS.  I did a shortened session with plans to attempt the 17min something 5k at Hillsborough parkrun on Saturday.  Richard did indeed take the CR back by taking a detour on his run especially to do it. 

I had planned an easy 8mile Friday but I woke up with the sniffles and a slight cough which got gradually worse has the day went by.  Another runless day but with hopes of being ok for Saturday morning.  It wasn’t but I decided to grit my teeth and go for it anyway kill or cure if you like.   Setting off fast with a young lad Connor,  Sammy from UoSheff juice program and Dan Birkenshaw in tow. A 5.50 first mile and I was then passed by young Connor who had obviously just been weighing me up.  The end of lap 2 in 6.06 and I was suffering with the cold and both Sammy & Dan went past. I chased them but I didn’t have enough and despite picking the pace up for a 3rd lap of 6.00 dead I wasn’t going to catch them eventually finishing in 18.35.  Not bad with a cold but a long way from the 17.59 aim but all were a little off their pace too.  Next time maybe. 


Emma set off on her last long run on the TPT.  I considered getting on the bike for the first time and supporting her.  Eventually I dropped lucas off with nan nan and grandad, ran over massively steep pea royd and found her with a couple of miles to go of 20miles.  She did it which is a huge accomplishment for her.  If you said she’d run 20miles in January she would have laughed.  So, so proud of what she’s achieved this year.  London will just be the sweet icing on a multi layered cake 


I had contemplated entering the Yorkshire half marathon which was today but the £35 entry fee, more than VMLM2016, had put me off. Then I considered running unofficially at 90min/sub 3hr marathon pace but Saturday I had a rethink with 5miles of heavy climbing in the race it wouldn’t have been sensible.  So I set off this morning for 13.1miles of there and back on the TPT at the set marathon pace. I smashed it and without thinking about it matched Richards CR record again.  13.1miles in 1 hr 28min or 6.40ave pace.  This is what I will try to run on fresher & refuelled legs in London and will give me around 2hr 55min which would fantastic.  Fingers crossed. 

After me and lucas went into town to cheer the half marathon runners in.  Some great performances from some determined runners. 

Anyway, tired so Bye for Now

Please please donate to MIND, the mental health charity here


“Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip.”
― Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner


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