Glycogen drained, lead legs & broken dreams and the Dronfield 10k

“If ever a man strives
with all the soul’s endeavour,
sparing no labour to achieve
excellence, we must give praise
to those who attain the goal,
a proud tribute that shuns
all thoughts of petty jealousy.
We must speak kind words
of the endless toils
that build a monument to beauty.”


41 days till the 2016 Virgin Money London marathon

This was a big week in the build up to the above on 24th April. 70mile planned with a full 10k effort at the Dronfield 10k at the end.  I’ll get on to the race in a bit but after a unplanned rest day Monday it was time for a 20mile run on Tuesday.  As late as the morning I decided to make this a fat burning switch effort. This involves the crazy idea of not fuelling correctly so you run out of energy a while before you have completed the run so your body can get used to switching to burning fat as quick as possible after your body is glycogen drained.  Running up the TPT from Wortley past Dunford Bridge and back through Flouch & langsett reservior I had forgot just how much up there was on this route.


Despite downing a gel at hazelhead station (11miles) i eventually ran out of glycogen at 17miler making the last 3miles tough.  A good excersise but very very draining


6miles wednesday, 5mile Thursday morning and a 4mile run to SRC speed session that evening meant I was in a good place and on for the 70mile.  Unfortunately Fridays run after work was terrible. 2.6mile of Lead legs & broken dreams. Thankfully Saturdays run was back on form if not too hilly with the Dronfield 10k the next day. This left me on 50.4miles.  The plan for Sunday was 1.5mile warm up, 10k race then run 12.2miles from Dronfield to Oughtibridge. 


So the race……. I wasn’t sure how hilly it would be or how fit I was so aim of somewhere between 37 & 38 min would be a good sign I’m on the right path.  I was picked up at Middlewood by Adam Follett to go to Dronfield, 1.5mile warm up then line up in the smallest gap between Sub 40 & elite pens on a warm March sunny day   Set off by the mayor of Dronfield it was uphill straight away. I went out hard and fast with the hope of hanging on as much as possible around the small lap of 3.  I was running well but I’d been told the race was hilly so entering the beginning of the 1st of 2 large laps I slowed not wanting to blow up and falter.  There was a few long drags up and down but nothing too bad so I pushed into lap 3.  It was here that the 1st lady went past and then the surprising sight of Steel City Strider Ben Jones coming to my side.  Ben is quicker and younger than me even at my best but we were going downhill so I kept pace with him as long as possible.

Unfortunately hitting the main drag he pulled away into the slowly increasing distance.  On the 2nd drag at 8k I caught another Steel city strider and stayed just behind him before seeing the 9k sign and I kicked hard putting as much as I could passing him but from somewhere he found a kick as well passing me just before the final climb but then on the flat I kicked harder and shot past him, he was cooked and I had to just keep going chasing the seconds.
I sprinted hard over the line seeing 37min but not the seconds on the race clock.  Mission accomplished but by how much?   23rd in 37.53 gun & 37.51 chip time

dronfield 10k results

This was satisfying then but after hearing some good runners consider the course 1min slower than a flat 10k then this was an exceptional comeback to road racing.  


I attempted the 12 miles but again lack of fuel in the body and a feeling I’d done enough this week with nothing to prove I stopped after 7.5miles.    66miles this week.  I did consider doing the other 4miles tonight but I’m happy with this week’s running. 

Hopefully I’ll be doing the Ackworth half on easter Monday then it’s time for a week or 2 more of hard mileage before its taper time.  GULP!!!!!

Anyway, Bye for Now

Please sponsor me for London in aid of the mental health charity MIND here

“Who, then, was given
the wreath of victory
for his speed of foot,
putting before his eyes
the games’ glory,
achieving thought in action?
In the furlong race,
keeping the strain
of his running
in an even course,
Likymnios’ son,
the thunder of horses.”


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