Run, sleep, eat & eat, repeat

“If you never have a ‘bad’ day, you’re probably doing something wrong; if you never have a ‘good’ day, you’re definitely doing something wrong.”
-Mark Remy

48 days till the 2016 Virgin Money London marathon

Less than 7 weeks till I line up on a London Road with 26.2miles or 42km for the metric fan out there and things are going good.  After January’s fitness regaining and February’s mile building it’s time finally to pick up the pace, run faster then faster still and putting in good race or race pace efforts over the next 5 weeks.  By the end of then I’ll have my target for the big day.  Will it be sub 3hr, 2:55.00 or the eternally possible 2:50.00 or faster? 3 speed based efforts a week will put my body to the test. 

First up it’ll be a early high mile start to this week before a shorter end in prep for the Dronfield 10k on Sunday. This will be the first real test of how much of 2014s fabulous form I’ve managed to recoup so far. It’s not a flat course and can be windy up there but anything around 37min would be a good sign I’m getting where I should be.  Crazily after a 1.5mile approx warm up and chucking myself around for 6.21miles I plan on running back to Oughtibridge to make it a tough 20mile run day.

63miles in the last 7 days will probably followed by 70mile in the next. As anyone who has ever trained for a marathon will tell you, it leaves you feeling like this………


As long as I carry on as I am going, building miles and getting faster, I should be in good shape to finally get that marathon time that doesn’t start with a 3 but when things are going great, the running gods usually have a way of knocking you down and reminding you you’re only human.  Be it illness,  motivation or injury.  The last of these has knocked Emma’s training this week.  The old hamstring tightness causing lower back pain I suffered last year as caught her good but unlike what I did, we are not going to ignore it and she will be doing the needed rehab work of strengthening and stretching. 

This has so far been my highest mile start to a calender year proving to me and others I’m definitely focused this year…….


Anyway Bye for now

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