The week of the English xc champ

“You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.”

Steve Prefontaine


55 days till the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

Fairly short this time as the main event is detailed in here – English xc champs race report

Due to me wanting to run well at Donington park I decided to run only twice in the build up Monday to Friday.  Tuesday consisted of a double day of 5miles in the morning then the opposite way in the evening and Thursday a 10mile run through Thurgoland & Oxspring.  i hoped this would take me into Saturday with fresh legs.

I did my duty of Hillsborough parkrun run director first before going for a quick coffee in the cafe then going to the leisure centre to be picked up by the minibus to be taken to Donington for the race.  There was a little medical emergency with one the ladies before the race and as detailed also above the race didnt go to plan for me but as an excercise in mental toughnesss it was good.

Anyway, after reaffirming plans for todays long run which i hoped would be 20-22miles I went to bed tired and hopeful my legs wouldnt be too wrecked in the morning. Thankfully they weren’t so i ate my breakfast, fuelled myself up and took my caffeine tablets before I set off for the 5miles to Oughtibridge to Meet Rob Jones & Shaun Ashmore for the next 10miles.  We went through Beeley Woods, through Neepsend then set back on ourselves up Infirmary rd, hillsborough park and back into Beeley woods. At around 13miles I started to feel tired and the pace dropped which was understandable after yesterdays brutal XC race. Back at Oughtibridge we had a quick chat and I consumed an SIS gel and some lucozade before I tried to run the 5miles back uphill to Stocksbridge.  It felt a lot easier and I knew id make it to 20miles easily for the second time this year.

On arriving home I uploaded my run to Strava before making myself a porridge and noticed these…….


my caffeine tablets I hadn’t actually taken and the real reason I faded when I did.

The plan for this years marathon training was January putting in base endurance, February increasing mileage and March is speed, speed, speed and a few races or race pace efforts.   Probably Dronfield 10k on the 13th and Ackworth 1/2 on the 28th before the National 12 stage relays on the 2nd April.

Anyway, Bye for Now

please Donate to MIND, the mental health charity HERE

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or fastest man,
But sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can.”

Steve Prefontaine





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