Breaking the 2015 Mental barrier whatever the weather

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”
― Haruki Murakama


69 Days till the Virgin Money London Marathon


Its been 3 weeks since I last posted and lots of things have been happening.  I had another rest week enforced on me due to getting the cough and sore throat that has been going around. After dropping to a 40mile week last time this was even lower at 30miles.  This proved short lived and while i am still suffering a little I have just managed to put in a 60mile last week then a 55mile the last 7days. It should have been another 60mile one but 15miles into todays 20mile run I realised I was limping and in a little discomfort with pain in the back of the left knee. I did achieve another 6:40mpm average 10mile club run where I found myself running the last 5mile solo again on Tuesday. This time with no one in sight in front to chase.


Anyway back to the headline, anyone who follows my blog will remember that last year in the run up to VMLM2015 that I never managed the 20mile training run barrier and didnt run the distance till the actual race. well, last Sunday I did it. It wasnt fast or pretty. The weather was hideous, cold, wet and very windy but I managed it, 20miles in 2hr 40min. Obviously I failed again today to reach the distance but Im sure it was just a blip. I feel stronger, todays knee problem aside, and that im not too far from getting near 2014 form. I need to find a test which will probably come on February 27th in my favourite race, the National XC championship at Derby. I still feel I need to test myself in a proper Road race but its finding a race on a day I have off. It may come on the 20th March and the East Hull 20mile. I would like to race hard on the road before then though. I have put myself forward for the Northern 12stage relays on the 2nd April and should the club qualify the Nationals on the 16th April. 1 week before London. :-/


I plan on 70miles this coming week before a shorter week in the run up to the National XC. Once thats over its time to introduce more speed endurance into my long runs during March. I may even attempt a couple of Dave Yodafield more hall dam sessions like the 4-5 laps getting faster on each and the dreaded mixed minute intervals. Bloody hard that one.

I did purchase a pair of new Adidas shoes which I wore on the Tuesday Tempo but I bought a pair of 10.5s when I know I take an 11 in Adidas.image

Cue dead toes after I finished. I put these on EBay to sell and bought a surprising pair for me. Not only are they Nike they are….. Very….VERY…. Errrrrrrrr……PINK. image


Emma is going well. She amazes me every time she gets up at 6am to go out to achieve her running time. To say shes never ran an half marathon the way shes facing the training for what could be a 6hr marathon is inspirational. I think she’ll go quicker but 6hr is the aim.

Anyway, Bye For Now

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.” ~ Author Unknown


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