Cutback week and testing times


90days till the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon

After building the weekly mileage up it has been cutback week. The aim was 40miles. Very achievable.

Because of a competition on a webpage called Running heroes I needed to at least run 4miles on 5 separate days. i wanted to do this, with parkrun planned for Saturday, Mon to Thurs. Bonking hard after only a couple of miles on the Tues meant i had to run Fri too.  This also meant a 7day running week and 8days in a row so far.

The title of this blog is a little misleading as well and these are the testing times. The Epson Runsense SF-810 I have been selected to test January to March arrived Thursday meaning going out that night with 2, yes 2 GPS watches on.  The 2 watches gave almost exactly the same data readings so this gave me confidence to leave the Garmin behind for now.


On first opening the watch box and retrieving the watch I thought it was very light, too light? lighter when it comes to technology isn’t always better.  Pleasantly and surprisingly this isnt the case and lighter is better. It took a little time to charge and on first inspection was a little complex. I struggled on then dropped my manly stubbornness read the quick start instruction book. I got the minor details sorted then after the missus returned from her run went out with the Epson on one wrist and the Garmin & chest strap on the the other for the obligatory 4miles. like mentioned before they matched almost perfectly. I am not fond of the Chest strap so having something reading my heart rate from my wrist is great. So far very impressed with the Epson and over the next few weeks will try to comprehend more features of the watch.  I like the fact you can Bluetooth from the watch your run data to an android phone or tablet which means i don’t have to wait till i return home in the evening to plug my Garmin into my laptop to upload my morning runs. The data the watch and Epson runner app provide is huge.


I recorded my first video blog about it this morning and realized i am not a natural in front of the camera.

1st Video blog review

A rare Saturday off and the lower mileage week meant I was able to run Hillsborough parkrun and give it a good blast.  Setting off hard and trying to maintain this over the 3 undulating laps it went really well.  I spent a good deal of lap 2 & 3 running/competing with Ben Wilkinson who was on his PB pace.  I faded in the last half of lap 3 but finished strong to finish in 4th in 18.46. I ran trying to stay in Level 3 of the heart rate range and managed this well with an ave of 170bpm.  It was the First time under 19min since coming back in November and 30second faster than 3 weeks ago. Still obviously not back to my best but getting there. Maybe next time i will be back in the low 18s then sub 18min will be back on the agenda.

Today I ran a steady 11miles to work to finish my cutback week on 38.3miles.  Not the 40miles I wanted but it would do i suppose.

or so I thought at 10am.  but…..


being a runner at 3pm I was fueling back up for another 2miles. Well 2.3miles to be exact finishing the week on 40.7miles.

This next week brings the return to racking up the miles with 50-60miles and a decision to be made at the weekend.  Sunday I can either run a 20mile training run, the Tigger tor 11mile fell race or a 800 or 1500m indoor track race.  The long run obviously is part of marathon training, the fell race strength & mental toughness and the track races  bonus speed training.   Not sure what i will do at the minute.  Decisions, decisions.

One thing i have noticed is I havent had an attack of the old black dog depression since before christmas.  This may be because I am focused on my running again and the Marathon in a few months.  crossed fingers it stays away. With that in mind I am running in aid of……… Mind, the mental illness charity. You can donate HERE

Anyway Bye For Now

”Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet”

Doris Brown Heritage


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