Tapering over the cracks.

“A runner must run with dreams in his heart.”    – Emil Zatopek

5 days to the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon. So close, so scarily close and I’m in a relaxed mood. 


The training build up to this race has been fraught with problems, times of no motivation, a few disappointments and I’m not in the shape I wanted. But it’s all good.  Ok, no I haven’t done 1 20mile run or ran a race as quick as I think I can or had consistent weeks of steady 50-70miles but unlike last year when I was (I reckon) sub 2hr 50min shape and not running a sub 3hr unthinkable I know I need a good run to get myself in a position where I may be able to achieve the target.


I feel so relaxed it might happen. If it does I may be the guy dancing naked in the fountains on the mall. If doesn’t them I’ll just move on to shorter distance. Sometimes when the pressure is off you put in your best performance. I plan on going out at only just quicker than Sub 3hr pace looking for the RW sub 3hr pacer and hopefully at 22mile have enough to push a little faster.  If this happens then a 2:58.00 could happen and I would be more than happy (dancing in fountains) with that time. 


Training wise recently, I am obviously tapering but a nice near 9mile at 6:50mpm pace with Trevor Neville which felt easy and a relaxed pace speed session in which I felt my (I quote Shaun Ashmore) “bounce was back.” A couple of 4-5milers at easy pace with a few pace pickups included does shows I may be ready for London with just the 20milers missing. I did substitute my last 12mile run with 2 12mile cycle rides due to overtired legs. An easy 4.5mile run on Monday and a short run with a couple of mile reps Thursday this week should leave me fresh for Sunday.

Mentally, a possible stumbling block. I am preparing well. Lots of motivation quotes, videos and telling myself I can run well on Sunday. I’ve dropped my carbohydrates till Thursday and caffeine intake till possibly Sunday morning so when I do reintroduce them I’ll get the bigger boost. 


Cross your fingers for me.

Anyway, Bye for now

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

Dean Karnazes

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