Finally getting somewhere

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
— Confucius

28 days till the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015. This time in exactly 4 weeks it will be over, done, finito.  I’ll either be basking in the glory of sub 3hr celebration or saying “oh well, wasn’t meant to be”

Training as picked up well this last week but one concern is i have achieved a total of zero, zilch, Nada 20 mile runs. On one hand this isn’t good. Opinion of marathon veterans is you need to run 5 or 6 x 20 mile + to get your body used to the demands of running the distance/time on feet. The fact I haven’t achieved even one is worrying, or is it? As pointed out by a few people in the know that this is my 5th actual marathon build up and two Red Bull steeplechase, which is as hard if not harder than a marathon. Training for that event is like marathon training. So I have experience of 6 previous build ups to fall back on.  I will run at least one 20 mile run over the next 2 weeks which will leave me with a pretty short taper time. With the madness that can happen in this time that might not be too bad really.

Also Certain marathon plans like the Hanson plan has you run 16 miles as a maximum distance and many athletes have had great success using the plan.  Hope indeed.

Go back a week and I was a little dispondant after what felt like a terrible run at hillsborough parkrun 112.  No zip in my legs and it took me till the end of the 2nd lap to get started. Finishing in a personally pedestrian 18:55. Still a decent time but I thought I was in 18:10-15 shape. Trying a week after a hard ran half marathon was not a great idea really.



After that my training has been good despite some kind of gastrointestinal  trouble at 13 miles of an 18mile run on Tuesday which continued through to Thursday Inc the the death by Dave O club speed session.  4x300m, 1.1mile time trial, 4x300m, 1.1mile time trial, 4x300m. Hard session even without the stomach cramps. Friday I attempted a friends strava course which starts with a available huge steep climb just 1/4 mile in.  Going up I felt strong and on the flats fast. This carried on through to today’s 11.3mile & 5.1mile double runs. 60 mile for this week and hopefully even more for the next 2. 

Confidence is returning with the pace and fitness. Just need that pesky 20 miles plus. 

For anyone interested my number @LondonMarathon is 30336 which puts me in fast GFA in front of the red start. #shitjustgotreal  #vmlm2015


Anyway, bye for now

“If you never have a ‘bad’ day, you’re probably doing something wrong; if you never have a ‘good’ day, you’re definitely doing something wrong.”
-Mark Remy


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