It’s snot being going well

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.” ~Harry Golden

And hard work is what I need to do between now and April 26th 2015.

Safe to say the last couple of weeks haven’t gone to plan is an understatement. Things had been going so well, consistent 50+ mile weeks and working toward the sub 80min half marathon shape I felt would give me confidence to push on,  that sods law meant it had to go wrong didn’t it?

First off I got conned by the weather on a Sunday long run. Setting off in the sun for a planned 22 mile run consisting of ewden reservoir laps in just a single layer of long sleeve top, it took just a few miles for the temperature to drop, the rain to start and finally the sleet to come down. The temperature dropped sufficiently for the sports drink I had stashed behind a tree to begin to turn to slush puppy texture.  Getting wetter and colder by the minute I deserted the session at 11miles to run the 3 mile home to change into drier warmer clothes before heading out for another 6-8miles.  The extra miles didn’t happen, by the time I got home I was freezing and feeling decidedly unwell. Was this the catalyst for what was to come?

I suppose………


Monday I ran a decent pace easy 4.5mile but Tuesday i woke up the following Tuesday  with a familiar feeling I get when gastrointestinal trouble is coming.  I had a few of the none exercise runs during the day.  Wednesday still feeling a little bit unwell I attempted to run 11miles home from work to home but 3 miles in I found myself having to call it a day.  No running  Thursday I got out Friday for a really strong 10.7mile run.  Too busy to run Saturday and a night out I woke up Sunday  morning with a snotty nose aching muscles and a little sore throat. Running was in no way an option, this developed into a full blown cold virus that meant even running for a bus meant panting like a overweight walrus.


After 7 full days of no training I finally felt able to attempt a run. A supposed gentle run but with a tailwind I found myself going with it and running a little too brisk. Only 3.7miles but I was running again.

Saturday followed with a 4.5mile morning commute that felt hard. Still not  up to strength then. Sunday was an ambitious 14mile with a couple of monster climbs on a route in the middle of nowhere. I chose this so I didn’t have the chance to pull out, I had to finish. Exhausted at the end but happy to run a fairly decent distance at a okay average pace. 

So, this brings me to this week. North London half marathon week. I should be  taking it easy getting ready for a good attempt at 80min but again I’m playing catch up. This actually can benefit me as I do like to keep the intensity and go into races a little fatigued but sharp rather than fresh but lethargic. Hopefully i will be 100% better or close to by Sunday, im going to push as hard as possible and use it as a marker for what I can realistically run at VMLM2015. Hopefully the 2hr 50 min target will still be on but I am prepared to adjust to sub 3hr instead if need be. I’ve had a couple of encouraging 5mile runs already this week even despite the coughing fits and tired legs.

After battering myself around the streets of North London and through the iconic Wembley stadium I’ll be meeting Mo Farah fresh from his WR run at 2 miles.


I have decided early that London marathon will be my last marathon  if not ever but at least for a few years. My target will be either a English masters vest before I’m 40 (2 1/2yrs) or a vets vest after, lofty ambition but after talking with someone who has worn both its not like you have to be the best around but with so many races just one of the best available at that time.  You never know. 😉


Anyway, bye for now

“Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.”

Carl von Clausewitz


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