Upping the training and carrying the black dog

“You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round.”

James J. Corbett

I had a black dog, his name was depression
The link above is to a YouTube video that explains depression better than most.  I had a black dog moment this week but more in a bit.

70days till the Virgin Money London marathon 2015


Training has increased well, I’ve started to reintroduce a little intensity and made a little progress.  First off, Saturday 7th February I ran the Hillsborough parkrun 2nd birthday run. Reverse of the usual course, allegedly the quicker way. No warm up and a quick start resulted in a 3rd lap fade not helped by having to stop and tie a lace. In the end I managed an half decent time of 18:45. Fairly happy with that given the circumstances. 

The Sunday i didn’t feel that well so i never managed to get out for a long run. Only 32miles for the week but I had a plan. Monday after dropping Lucas off at nursery I set off on a planned 15mile. The first 5miles involved climbing the uphills  into a fairly brisk headwind before a descent onto the TPT at Millhouses green. After a very icy 3/4mile I made it into Penistone. I realised I was finally feeling like a decent runner again. The 15miles were finished and a little confidence restored. Steady paced but a good run.

Tuesday meant after a 2.5mile warm up run from town to EIS the Club run. always a fast pace but i was comfortable running 6:30-7min pace including a long climb. Despite fading a little I managed 10miles at average 6:52mpm.  Great stuff.

Resting Wednesday I went on Thursday to my second Sheffield running club session. Feeling good all day I made my way to EIS but somewhere on the way the Black dog found me. I arrived feeling tired, lethargic and not able to talk to anyone.

That’s the thing with depression, you never know when it will hit and how bad. I commenced the warm up run then exercises still feeling down.  I knew I had to get my head down and just get on with it. The session began properly and it didn’t take long for me to get into my stride. I also realised I was actually doing ok. I had managed to throw the black dog off my back. The actual speed session was torturously hard. 3 sets  4x350m with jog  recovery with 2 x 1.1mile time trials in between. I did well i reckon.  Tried to run 5miles after but my legs were screwed. 2.5miles was adequate before getting on the tram home.

Again resting Friday I ran my second Hillsborough parkrun. Ambitiously attempting a quick run it didn’t take long to realise my legs were still tired from Thursdays adventure. A quickish 5.59min mile followed by 2 x 6.10 min miles and a fast final dash resulting in an 18.48 5K.  On tired legs and the harder way around I’ll settle for that but still a bit off last years performances. It’ll come in time. 

A good week with some good quality speed introduced. 


I also had some good, No great news, last Sunday. I had, like many, entered a Facebook competition with Marathontalk to win a place in the inaugural North London half marathon in march but also a Q&A session with Olympic double gold medal winner Mo Farah.  That sorts a warm up race and I get to meet an hero of mine. 



Anyway bye for now.

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
-Special Olympics Motto


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