From bad to better. Now its taper time

Although goals are important, having a plan of action is vital to the success of those goals. Having a goal with no plan of action is like wanting to travel to a new destination without having a map.

Steve Maraboli

Almost there now. All the really tiring hard training has been done, I did my last long run yesterday and its time for my 2 week taper.  So surely its….


No, not yet. Still a lot to do.


This part of marathon training is just as important as the 12 weeks of toil and grind previous.  This is where the madness sets in. Its too easy to go all……..


And start to question everything.

Have I done enough?
Have I done too much?
Why do I feel so tired?
Why does my throat feel scratchy? Am I ready? 

Just got to relax, keep confident in my ability and do my last few training runs.

What I dont need is what I have experienced for the last couple of weeks.  Tired from training intensity I have felt like I have been flogging a dead horse. The first few runs after East Hull 20mile were ok but near the end of last Sunday mornings 15mile with 4x1k & 1x2k run up and back along the canal to Rotherham from Sheffield I was definitely feeling tired. This continued on the club run were a week before I was maintaining  6.30mpm for 10miles easily i was now struggling at times to maintain that pace for q mile. The following days 13mile marathon pace session was quickly swapped for 7miles steady pace which again I felt I was struggling.


On Thursday I attempted the 13mile marathon pace along the canal. It was a disaster.  I couldnt even run the 1st mile marathon pace. After only 3.75miles I was laid on my back ready to quit. I didnt, I dragged my sorry ass up and pushed on finishing the distance but drained.  With just over 2weeks to go had I blown myself up by not listening to my body and with it any chance of a good marathon?  My confidence was severely dented.

I took Friday off due to lucas’s 2nd birthday meal out with family. Also with the plan to take Saturday off too if I needed. 

Saturday came and a rare chance for a last hillsborough parkrun blast was too much to resist.  I felt ok and set off feeling strong.  Unfortunately after only 1/2 mile I had to pull out after getting a painful twinge in my lower back…… twice.

My confidence was now dangerously low. I was now at a crossroads in my marathon training. 


Do I continue pushing with the hope of turning recent form around or accept where I was and try to recover. 

I chose to chance the push.

I had on the David Oldfield plan of self destruction a 20mile run at sub 7min pace throughout.  I needed to smash this or I was in dire straights.

So sunday morning I left home for the last long run before Blackpool at 7:45am and it felt different. My energy had returned and I did smash it. I felt strong all the way through and managed to average 6.45mpm for the 20miles. Confidence restored and back on track. 

I can now enjoy the next couple of weeks and look forward to what will hopefully be an outstanding successful marathon. 

“One run can change everything”.


Dont forget to donate to my justgiving page in aid of the Huntington disease association. 


Anyway bye for now. 


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