ITS 2014!!!!!!!! Marathon train has begun, Let the pain begin cos i have a plan.

WARNING: there may be just a few running quote pictures coming up. 😉


Last time i was reviewing what 2013 had been and describing what 2014 will (hopefully) be. Well its not started too bad really.

First off it was the Yorkshire x-country championship on 4th January. Because of my ”lazy Xmas”  I wasn’t sure how I was going to perform. Would be another disastrous middle race fade? It wasnt. I had managed to get some good old intense training the previous Thursday with the running clubs speed endurance session. I started hard and kept pushing as much as I could. 4 laps of lightwater valley, helped by a few good battles with Ian & Ben from our club and a bloke from leeds valley striders who I just couldnt shake & eventually out sprinted me to the line made this a muddy fast day for me. The quality in the field was ridiculous good. Definitely back in 2015.


The following Monday, 6th January, was the 1st day of 12 weeks marathon training. I had made myself a plan and started to execute it.


Plan for 1st week was –
Monday 3 mile easy morning & 5 mile steady evening
Tuesday 8-10miles club run @ 7:30 ave
Wednesday 10 mile steady
Thursday 6 mile tempo with each mile at sub 7 min.
Friday 7 miles recovery
Saturday rest
Sunday 14miles steady fell = 55miles

It did build from here over the next few weeks.

Everything fell into plan till Thursday when a strong headwind meant i abandoned the tempo after 2 miles running the last 4 miles steady. Friday I had arranged to meet club coach and ex 2hr 28min marathoner David Oldfield to talk over my plan. I had a feeling my plan was a little lightweight andt talking to Dave made me think this more.


He agreed to write me a program to start after this Sundays Brass Monkey 1/2 marathon in York. As mentioned before I’d like to get as close to 80min as possible. Being around the 80 min mark would mean I’m already on track for the 2hr 50 min aim at Blackpool marathon on the 6th April. Getting into the 1:22s in York has to be, weather permitting the very least I should do. Cross your fingers & even toes for me. I cant, how would I run with crossed toes?  :-/

After speaking to Dave I switched the recovery run for another pop at the tempo run. Couldn’t have gone much better,

Warm up miles 7.17 & 7.08 min miles
4miles tempo miles 6.35 6.30 6.24 6.32 min miles
Warm down mile 7.13 min miles


Sunday morning meant an early recce of the Mickleden straddle fell race with a mate Brian Bradder. Enjoyed not concentrating on pace, getting out on the fells in the ice, freezing wind & snow.

So, Daves plan arrived via email Sunday night and I had a look over this morning.

1st thought?    BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!  That looks tough!

Moment later after picking my jaw off the floor I thought “I can do this, no  I will do this!”

I’ve just got to put the work in, follow the plan as much as possible and i’ll achieve my goals.


Another thing is I think I will be running the East Hull 20 mile race on March  9th instead of the South Yorkshire 1/2 marathon a week later. This will be my first ever 20 mile race and I need to run this at planned marathon pace, hopefully still 6,30min mile pace. 

Dont forget i’m also running the White peak marathon on May 17th 2014. Both in aid of Huntington disease. Please donate on my justgiving page.


And another one


And another






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