Short recap on the last 6months & training for my wings

“Toughest race I have ever entered due to the terrain and format, it was harder than iron man, don’t bother unless you’ve done some serious training”.– RSTH on the Redbull Steeplechase 2012

Last time I wrote I was ranting about the VLM GFA fiasco. Unfortunately despite huge pressure the organisers didnt back down and last week I received the ‘we’re sorry magazine. Oh well, its into the Sheffield Running club (who I joined in june) place ballot or another marathon elsewhere.

Also since the last blog I have ran a disappointing 1:23.56 @ Sheffield half marathon, PB’d at 10k…….twice 37.13 @ owston ferry 10k then 36.58 @ brinsworth10k:and set a new 5k PB at hillsborough parkrun, of which I am event director.

Mainly though since May I have been going all kate bush/placebo and “running up that hill” and training for the Redbull steeplechase on Sunday October 6th or this Sunday as it is now Thursday 3rd October.


Redbull steeplechase chase is a fell race approximately 375 male and 125 female runners start with elimination points for the back runners at 8, 12 & 18miles leaving 30male & 10 female to battle it out over the final 3 miles.

Training has gone quite well really, no spells off with injury or illness but I did have a few weeks of no motivation. I have trained hard, had no spells off despite catching a 24hr Sickness and diarrhoea bug I got the day before my ‘warm up’ race of the totley exterminator in September which I decided not to do, and I am currently running the strongest and the quickest I’ve been since my late teens. Everything points to a top 30, even top 20 finish at least.

That is not to say I’m going to take it easy. Been told last year people bust a gut to make the final cut off then started to WALK!!! the final 3miles. That just strikes me as so wrong. Why do that????

Probably looks like this ^

I have waited so long for this to come up and I am now so excited and ready to toe that start line. THIS is my biggest race of the year. The first challenge is the first mile, straight up the side of mam tor –

Cliimb from Castleton to mam tor

mam tor from back tor

on the way to back tor.

Then the fun starts. 😉

This could be the hardest thing I have done so far but it’ll be worth it for the beer & hogg toast at the after race party.

Mmmmmmmm….. hogg roast sandwich

And if I only could,Id make a deal with god,And I’d get him to swap our places,Be running up that road,Be running up that hill,Be running up that building.If I only could, oh…


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