The end of year, so what’s next year?

2012, what a year of sport eh? The most exciting last day of football across the top 3 football divisions, A Brit winning the Tour de France, the incredibly exciting Olympics & Paralympics, Andy Murray showing he has emotion and winning a grand slam tennis tournament.

At least the England football team lived up to expectations or the lack of them.

Me? I have had a very up, down year. The birth of my son Lucas the biggest up that nothing can beat but on a running front there’s it’s been a weird year. Training on the main as been good, racing, a little unlucky.

Of my main races, Tigger Tor was slow but it in reality was only ever really a training run. (1hr 28)

Sheffield half was too hot to go full on and despite not breaking 1hr 25 I still PB’d by 13sec. (1:25:39)

Doncaster 10k was hindered by not the best build up & on the day a headwind on the long fast road section and last 300m but I matched my PB. (38:56)

Penistone 10k I had to pull out of due to a freak rib injury caused by my bag strap two week before (DNS)

Then in Oct I changed the food I ate, lower carb, higher protein, higher FAT! as well as no biscuits, crisp and chocolate. I just go lighter, Weight on 1st Oct – 12st 6, Weight on 1st dec – 11st 8. Goes to show despite carbs being pushed as athlete fuel it’s not always the case.

I also introduced upper body strength workouts and went back to track as well at this time.

Abbey dash was my next target and with perfect build up i ran an unofficial 5k PB (18:15) in a parkrun freedom run then the next day, 3week before the race, I got a cold that stopped me running for 10days and then an hamstring injury in the last week not knowing if I could run in Sundays race. I could, I did and I PB’d MASSIVELY despite being only 85% fit. (37:42). Nick o Sullivan who is normally around the same pace ran 36:49 which makes me wonder if I could have broken 37min too.

Due to the hamstring injury on the Friday before the abbey dash I entered the Percy Pud 10k two weeks later as a back up. After my shiny new 10k PB while not fit, I wondered if I could run even quicker there. But after a week & half of near perfect training on the Friday I got the stomach bug that was going around. Yet again I was not sure about making a 10k race day. Still a little drained I gave it my all, had a really good first 5k then illness slowed me for the next 5k and still I ran 38:04. A new event PB by 1min if not a personal PB.

There was a feeling of a job done after and being less strict on my eating plus no track & a couple of lacklustre Hallam parkrun performances in the last couple of weeks where I just haven’t been up for it prove this.

Nick O asked last saturday me what I think I need to do to get the pace back in my legs? Answer – nothing, once I have Christmas out of the way I will be back on it. I will be returning to the track for leg speed, eating right again and I have one last race just before the new year. A 10k x country race on the 29th.

happy new year


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