A setback. Trying to find a positive in the negative

I started writing the update to my blog this time last week when everything was positive.

I had PB’d in 19:52 at graves parkrun despite an horny goat trying to put me off, seriously it was shagging another goat on the first pass thru the animal farm and still at it 10min later on the second pass. Thats stamina!

I had got down to 12st with the aim of sub 12st by Abbey dash on November 18th

I had had a very positive track session of 11x400m in ave 1:17 per lap and on a simple freedom parkrun while pacing someone else to their new 5k PB I managed to pull away from him with 600m to go and knock 1sec off my 5K PB. This makes me realise 17:56 5k wasn’t too far away. I know the PB doesn’t count but I will take confidence from it.

On Friday of last week I went to meadowhell and bought some lighter, faster? shoes for the dash then made my way to woodbourne road track to try them out.


After a little warm up I tried the first of 5 planned 400m reps. Something wasn’t right. Was it the shoes? Were my legs so tired from another hard fast week? Was it cos it was so bloody cold?

A few hrs later I got my answer. It was because I had caught the cold/cough my 7mth old son had had for 5weeks. So cue not been able to breathe, the cold shakes, being able taste anything, sounding like Sammy the seal and worst of all the total lack of any energy.

Somehow I knew it was coming. As any athlete will tell you when everything is going right there is Always something that goes wrong!

Now despite 5days without training I am trying to take positives from the setback. These include

• still 3weeks away from the abbey dash and not a week or less.
•my legs were a little fatigued so the rest will do them good and when I start training again they will be refreshed
•I can regroup and with just a little tinkering can get back on track easily

These are all dependant on me ridding myself of the virus quickly which seems possible with me feeling a little better each day. Possibly with the help of the amount of the wonder plant echineacia I am taking I hope to lightly run by Friday 2nd November.

Crossed fingers.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’


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