Going Hard & The 100 press up challenge

Don’t worry it’s not a Viagra motivated blog.

“go hard or go home”

“train hard, race easy”

The above are 2 mantras I have been using with aplomb this week. After last Saturdays sleep deprived 18:41 parkrun I haven’t dropped running hard. Sunday I mapped out the hillsborough parkrun course running an ave. 6:53min mile pace, Monday I ran 5miles at ave 6:48min miles and Tuesday 7miles at ave 6:53min mile again. This is huge progress to say only 3 weeks ago I was running an ave 7:40min miles. That pace was incidentally my easy run pace for 5.5miles yesterday including a long hill. Progress indeed. I haven’t done a track session this week and the parkrun on Saturday may be the tough Graves parkrun which includes running thru an animal farm of turkeys, lamas and goats. Sub 20min would be an improvement on this course.

I have also been pressing (pardon the pun) on with the 100press up challenge. Not sure if its because I have been running so hard or because I see myself like this


But I might be more like this


But I struggled a little on lvl 2 week 4 day 1, which consists of sets 18 22 16 16 25+ = 97. I managed the first 4 sets but failed on 16 for last rep, I did manage to push straight back up for another 10 so I did the 25+ but cheated little.

Eating wise I have stuck to the plan with one exception. Sunday I allowed myself a chocolate bar.


Only kidding, it was a standard kit kat chunky and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.

Have I had a change of mindset or was it guilt? Felt a little guilty anyway.

So far so good and I feel on target for a great Abbey Dash 10k in November. I am going so well I am waiting for illness or injury to get me but I am going to stay focused and continue to get

“stronger, fitter, faster”

“what doesn’t kill you makes you faster”


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