Instant results for the lower carb/higher fat in October?

Less carbs? More protein, More FAT!?

Makes you run faster?
More energy?
Better looking?

Ok maybe not the last one but I am endeavouring, during the month of October to find out if, just if the first 3 is true.

The basis is carbs are bad & fat, yes FAT! are good. Triathletes, especially ironman athletes have been advocating this for years. I have been curious about this for a while and after listening to marathontalk the other week with professor Tim noakes, considered the father of sport nutrition, about his switch in opinion for this diet I decided that I would try it to get under 12st again, 8lbs to lose, during October in the build up to the Leeds(spit) Abbey Dash 10K on the 18th November 2012 & sub 38min. This means a sub 18min 5k to give me confidence. 18:16 is my current 5k but the fastest I have ran this year is 18:25 so I need to work hard and something had to change, diet it was then. I will be training harder with more faster running and 2 recognised track sessions per week.

First off I am not going fully into it. Not going to totally drop pasta, rice, potatoes & bread, just reduce the amount considerably in the same way as I am not going to cram in loads of butter and whole milk.

As a snacker i am not eating chocolate(hard for chocoholic), crisp and biscuits which have been replaced by crackers and cheese at the moment but I am not also stopping eating fruit and eating nuts instead. I will be increasing the amount of milk I drink during the day. I not going to worry about the amount of cheese I eat. I wont be drinking sports drinks except for hard/long training days and race/parkrun days.

Meal times I will be still having porridge at brekkie, not having bread with my usual soup at dinner and having more eggs i.e. omelettes or meat & veg or chilli/bolognaise for tea but try to avoid potatoes, rice & pasta as much as possible. I expected a drop in energy levels for a couple of weeks while I adjusted.

If it doesn’t work by the end of October I can get back to a higher carb diet in time for 18th November.


Saturday 6th October after 5 full days of this & 4lb lighter already i made my way to Hallam Parkrun. Good warm up, half bottle sports drink then on the word go i went off fast to avoid the overcrowded start before settling into a decent pace, at some point I expected the energy crash but it never came, I managed to fight for places easily, holding off challenge after challenge and staying with someone who is faster than me, (green shorts behind in the picture below) With no drop in energy, no gasping for air after the finish. 18:32 & 11th. Still not near to PB but a lot easier than I expected. Ran this time when fitter earlier in the year and was destroyed after finishing. Only downside is I forgot my barcode so still 2 away from my 50 t-shirt.

Could this be the new diet having an instant effect? Or the track sessions I have been doing for 3 weeks making the pace feel easier?

Bearing in mind I also raced well last weekend before the diet started it could be the track. but being lighter helps and I felt more energised than last week.

Hopefully with the new way of eating & training I might actually be able to run the 37:15min time I, only half jokingly, told kate morris i was aiming for at the Abbey Dash.

Here’s hoping.



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