The Totley Exterminator – the beginning of a shocker in the peaks

After weeks & weeks of 10k training in preparation for the penistone 10k on the 10th August i managed to mysteriously crack my lower left rib during a slow pace run just 10days before. No fall, no collision & ultimately no 10k. 😦

Luckily my freakish ability to heal faster than the ave joe runner meant I was unable to run again after just over a week.

So it was back on with regaining my fitness and looking for another race in the future to aim for. A few presented themselves but one that stood out was the totley exterminator on 2nd sept, a 16+ mile fell race which I had never attempted but heard lived up to its fearful name

Now I knew I was around 10k fit, but I hadnt ran over 8miles in one run in over 2 months so could I really run more than double that across the hilly peak district?

Only one way to find out I reckon.

So I found myself on a sunny September sunny morning making my way by bus to the other side of the steel city. This turned out to be a pre cursor to the race to come. Initially attempting to arrive about an hour early I managed to make a few catastrophic errors. Missing one bus to go to the toilet, missing the next because I failed to notice the stop change due to the Great Yorkshire rip off/run before finally getting the next. This should have got me to totley with 20min to spare which it did, unfortunately I didn’t realise that there was a one mile gap between stops. This meant running an extra mile warm up at near enough 5k pace to register for the race with 2min to spare.

Fully warmed up but already blowing out my arse it was race time.

race report to follow


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