Has London 2012 killed football?

Well it’s finished, the medals have been won, the closing party has been had and we sit basking in the glow of the greatest Olympic games ever. There has been joy, tears, disappointment, near misses, a few surprises and as vinnie jones said in lock, stock and two smoking barrels “it’s been emotional”

Now what?

Oh the football season starts this week?

Wahay! Great!

But is it? Before the Olympics I was looking forward, after Sheffield Wednesday’s fantastic season, with great optimism us playing in the championship again.

Now? After seeing how much pride, joy and determination our team GB athletes put into every performance compared with watching the England football team for the last 20years I can’t see how players on thousands of pounds a week can match athletes on a few thousand pound a year for our PRIDE. They have made us, once again PROUD TO BE BRITISH.

To earn money in athletics, cycling, diving, rowing etc it takes hours & hours of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and a shed load of sacrifice to maybe, just maybe reach the top. For 4 years your Family and friends won’t see much of you. You don’t have time for personal lives, everything is calculated, worked out and measured so that maybe you might make the biggest show on earth. Only the very best get funding, the rest have to beg, borrow, steal and work full time jobs to pay for training, travel and accommodation to events so that they can compete.

We have also seen a fantastic opening ceremony, a well organised and run Olympic games, in fantastic facilities, with great crowds, marshalled by enthusiastic soldiers and police with NO reported trouble.

The thousands and thousands of spectators have been directed by enthusiastic unpaid volunteers and the feel good factor has filtered thru our tv screens to the billions of people watching. We have shown we really are GREAT Britain.

Let’s hope the legacy of this continues for years to come and it really does ‘inspire a nation’ it certainly inspired me!

Can football compete with this? will we continue to idolise overpaid men on hundreds of thousands of pounds serving up mediocrity week in, week out with the odd genius every now again? Stories of violence, racism and rape in the media when the Olympics have revealed real heroes to idolise?

I hope not and I do call myself a football fan. I will still pay my money, watch twitter and check the results but my disillusionment with football has widened and has slightly tainted football for me. I feel this may be a case for a few others but…….

Has London 2012 killed football?

No, but it’s embarrassed it!

Well done lord Seb Coe and the rest of LOCOG for putting on such a spectacle.


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