Tigger Tor 2012 Race Report

“If the hill has its own name, then it’s probably a pretty tough hill.”

– Marty Stern

Set off at a decent pace along the road for the first mile before we turned into the first field. Climbed up the hill to the quarry then turned onto burbage moor. Noticed the difference in air up here as breathing was harder with the cold. Despite the snow, ice and the mud, lots of mud I was keeping a good pace and picking the odd runner off despite the single file path. Came to a fork and some went left, some went right. Decided to wait for club mate Sam who was 45sec behind and work with him. Few people went past and I noticed those who had gone left were now moving right along the top so went down the right path. Just before the descent into the valley my right shoelace came undone so stopped to tie it. 19 people went past but I chucked myself at the downhill and regained 24places again and began the ascent to higger Tor. My left lace then came undone so retied it, had a few sips of my lucozade and walked straight up the hill to higger Tor. Some were following the path winding up the side and were maintaining a jog while we were just walking. Next year I will go up the path. Got to the top were haile was with his camera.

From here it was across hathersage moor, up and down thru the snow, mud and Ice. Almost lost my shoe in one mudbath. Up to winyards nick. On the path downhill the lad infront fell over, I was too close and couldn’t stop so ended up standing on his back. Said sorry, helped him up and carried on. It was then up to toad mouth down them up to carl wack fort, around the rock and down to the quarry. It was now the long stretch to houndkirk hill. 500metres from the checkpoint and I was catching Sam again. I went past a totley runner in a lot of pain with his ankle. Decided to help him to the CP instead of just running past. Once at the checkpoint it was down a rocky descent that even I baulked at. It was then another climb to houndkirk road. A dark peaker went past me and was chasing 2 other dark peakers down the heather. I decided to match him, quickly caught him then, heaven, we hit the road and I flew past him. I could hear him trying to keep with me till I heard “shit, got to be a f-ing roadrunner” this spurred me on, down thru the farmers field where I past two more dark peakers and hit the road again. There was a penistone runner quite a bit infront so I targeted him but despite getting within 10 secs of him he crossed the line before me.

1:28:25 on the watch and 65th I was told. Hard work but right enjoyed it. Think now knowing the course and without playing good Samaritan I reckon I could run 4-5
Min faster in the same bad conditions and a lot faster in good conditions.

“You can never run a hill too hard; you will collapse before hurting it.”
-Adam Born


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