Wind bloody wind


Well what a week of horrible weather eh?  What a start to 2012

But despite mother nature chucking hell at us I have actually managed to get a decent amount of training in. 

Starting with a rain affected 16.5miles on news years day

a 5mile windy recovery run Monday

a rain and wind affected 7.5miler at hallamshire harriers on Tuesday

A road cycle home from work that became a fight against 90mph winds and a Typhoon(not a cup of tea, that’s Typhoo) on Wednesday

The above caused the onset of a cold

Thursdays 7mile easy pace club run became a last 3mile slog against the wind and cold enduced fatigue.

Tonight(Friday) i left work for a 5mile run to the tram stop at middlewood feeling not quite 100% but a mile in i felt good. Continued feeling like this and even managed to pick up the pace. Its good when
that happens.

So far this weather affected year i have ran 41miles and cycled 12.

Tomorrow the wife and I are doing a marathon…..

… 5hrs of antenatal class that is. No running or cycling tomorrow for me.

10weeks approx and little baby Irvine is due. That is the start line for a real life changing endurance event….. parenthood. GULP!


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