White Peak marathon race report

Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder. William Sigei

Did that today

White Peak Marathon – Done

Tuesday & Friday I did two 2mile track runs at Marathon pace of 7min miles

Today It was the big day, 20weeks of hard training hae come to this.

Race report

Miles 1 & 2,  I worked my self in slowly  were ran up the Tissington trail at 7min miles exactly & felt really easy with me following a group of 4 runners  20m behind as we climbed the ‘uphill’ which was less steep than ecclesall road.

miles 3 & 4 was pretty much the same as 1 & 2 apart from at the end  of mile 3 the wind hit us and I decided to put in a little bit of work to catch the guys in front which I did with minimal effort.

Miles 5-6 were the last of the uphill miles but the wind was at times pretty strong and a 7:20 & 7:10 mile showed this. just before the mile 6 marker one of the guys decided to pick up the pace a little and we had lost the buxton runner

miles 7 & 8, soon after hitting 7.25miles i realised we were slowing a little with a 7:10 mile and a couple of the guys looked like they were struggling so I pulled away to chase down the guy in front. the wind seemed to come  go but when it was there it was strong.

Miles 9 & 10, I had gained a large gap the guys behind and could see the guy infront but was not catching him. I dedcided with 17mile to go I had plenty of time to catch him. There was a sereal moment when running thru a valley when after all the wind it was totally shelteredand was like a sauna for 1/4mile. The end of mile 10 was were the front guy came the other way from the turnaround to go down the high peak trail.

11 & 12. at the 11mile marker it was turn around and I was surprised the gap I had created from the guys behind as i passsd them just as i turned down the high peak myself.

12 & 13 were lonely miles as the trail went on a constant curve meaning I couldnt see anyone infront or behind. Maintained 7min miles along here.

13 &14. I passed the 1/2marathon start in 1hr 33min 20secondish. Felt really good and  was feeling really confident. The wind at this point was really bad and a 7:15 & 7:20 mile showed this.

15 & 16. Along here we had to cross the main road with the police stopping on coming traffic then go thru two swing gates. The other gates were manned but these wasnt. there was a woman trying to get her bike thru but managed to get it stuck firmly. I had to slam to an halt and thinking back felt a little twinge in the quad here. A 7:05 & a 6:51 mile on here.

17 & 18.  The guy I had been folllowed seemed to be slowing and I was caching him. The wind was pretty bad again and a couple of walkers despite seeing me coming stayed on the inside of a corner and i had to go wide slipping but not falling on the gravel. 7min and 6:55

19 & 20 were insident with me slowly but surely catching the guy in front but then a guy went past like he had only being running 5minutes so quick. Ok 8th place.  I could also see the guy who had been 3rd at the turnaround running really slowly infront as well and he was really struggling. looked at watch and was on 2hr 22min 05 sec, was feeling great and ready to make a move up in pace but then DISASTER! At the exact moment I passed the 20mile marker the left Hamstring and Quad both all of a sudden  just cramped and wouldnt let go. I was 20yd away from the Water satation so limped painfully to it. Filled my bottle, tried to stretch the quad but the hamstring spasmed so i tried to stretch the hamstring and the quad spasmed. Walked a little and the muscles loosened but not long after they cramped and loosened a coupleof times but massaged them. Lost numerous places at this point but ithad took ages for them too catch me but there was 9 or 10 of them all at once.

21 & 22 carried on  but had stopped monitoring times as it wasoff putting. Encountered the first downhill which as dispatched easily including me passing 3 of the other runners. noticed a few runnershad now gained pacemakers to assist them. The flat killed me a little has I was still getting twinges.

23 & 24 This is where I encountered the second small downhill  where I caught but didnt pass anothe runner, i stayed just behind him on the flat but 10metre from the last steep long I started to get groin muscle twinges which meant I couldnt open my strde on the downhil. I  passed two lads as one was struggling and his mate was staying with him.

25 & 26 & 0.22.  This is where we hit the canal & I was in absolute agony for the last two milesand a bit. I had too really grit my teeth and push on to the finish. 3hr 25min exactly.

A mug as a momento but the goody bag was ace.

You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming. Frank Shorter

Definatly need to do that now. LOL

Please give to my Charity giving page for Bluebell wood hospice and make my pain worth it.



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