SY road league, Tired legs & Racing the Triathlete cyclists on the best run

”beyond the very extreme of fitness and distress we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own, sources of strength never taxed at all because we never pushed through the obstruction.”
Extract From Born To Run by Chris McDougal

6 Short Days till The White Peak Marathon. Not long now.

I missed my usual Wednesday Blog so this one will encompass a full weeks of running.

It has been quite a tiring week really, Following the Sheffield half marathon Monday was a needed rest day.

Tuesday to rid the legs of lactic acid and the post half tiredness I ran from work to Hillsborough. The pace felt easy but at 7:52min mile pace it was still a little quick by pre-marathon training standards. 5miles in 39min 21secs.

Wednesday night was the last South Yorkshire Road League fixture @ Worsborough Mill. The initial plan was to start slow, crank it up on the long steep hill then drift 1/2mile thru Birdwell and pick the pace back up on the last 2miles of steep descent.

The plan was good, started slowly, gradually increasing the pace. Once under the bridge we hit the hill section, right, put in 5min of work but almost a mile in a realised I had forgotten that there was two climbs not one and I had put the work in to soon and there was a left turn then a drop back down before the main climb. I had to drop the effort level to regain some needed energy. When I finally did get to the big hill I picked two Doncaster Ac runners to chase slowly at first till the top of the hill then kill them for pace on the downhill. This is how it happened as I passed them as soon as we hit the down bit.

It was at this point I noticed a post VLM & Sheffield 1/2 Lee Smith half a mile in front. Knowing he wasnt yet fully recovered and up to his usual pace I wondered just how close I could get to catching him. Powered hard down the hill chasing him down and by the bottom of the hill was only 15seconds behind. He saw me at this point and managed to pick his pace up. Oh well, keep chasing, but he still beat me by 9 seconds. 5miles in 31min 18sec & 50th place.

Thursday was club run night. Already tired from the two races I started near the back of the group, working my way slowly into the run. We went up & along the golf course, thru the farmers feilds before dropping to the loxley valley trail. Legs got very, very tired after 4.5miles but managed to keep a moderate pace up all the way back to the clubhouse. Good run but a sign I neded to take it easy from here for a little while.

So, Friday & Saturday were rest days and the start of a little Taper Madness. But at least I planned to run Sunday so that should help.

Sunday, I set off from home for an approx marathon pace run on  planned route that mimicked the climb, flat, downhill profile of White peak marathon. The first mile I could feel the tiredness still in my legs (but at 6:53 pace was a little quick). The second mile was completely different, I found my rhythm and the best run I have done in ages began. Going up mortimor road I could see some Sheffield Tri guys riding up the hill and I was Catching them!. I past them with a smile  1/4mile from the top of the hill and after going down a little then climbing a little I turned right along Gill royd lane and the flat part. 2mile in the Cyclist past me smiling as they did. After another 1/4 mile it was another uphill section to upper midhope and I went past the Tri cyclists AGAIN. This is where I lost them, I turned right to the steep downhill and they went left towards Langsett. I opened my legs up and increased the leg turnover down the hill, powered up the gradual incline then again increased turnover to midhopestone. Then Mortimor road before turning along the road at the side of Underbank again. I dropped down to the trail at the side of the dam, down smithy moor lane and along unsliven and manchester rd to home. 8.5miles in an impressive 57min 55secs.

The splits were 6.53 6.07 7.38(uphill) 6.28 7.16 6.19(steep downhill) 6.36 6.25 2.41

What a run, felt easy but was quick.

Probably a little quick but a big confidence boost before next Saturday.

Bring it on  White Peak Marathon, I am ready for You!

Anyway Bye For Now.

Please don’t forget to stick your hand down the sofa, find your loose change and donate to Bluebell wood hospice

Charitygiving/gareth irvine

”when you run on the earth and you run with the earth you can run forever”
extracted from Born to run by Chris Mcdougal

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