The Tale of 2 races: Hallam Parkrun & SIG Sheffild Half Marathon

If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough – Steve Jones

13 Days till The White Peak Marathon and now the Sheffield Half marathon is over its all systems GO!

Due to not running since Wednesday morning I decided to actually run the Parkrun on Saturday to loosen legs ready for Sundays race. On setting off I realised this was a good plan because the legs felt heavy & leaden. The plan was to run around 22mins and have a little fun while doing, But despite doing a bit of Plyometrics on the first lap & a single push up on the second I ran a little faster. Partlybecause of the 15yr old lad who was so determined to beat me pushed me a little as I wasnt letting him, thats the problems with being over competitive.  20min 36sec & 18th place

So today it was big test time. The SIG Sheffield Half Marathon. I placed myself just a little off the front of field of 5500 runners. With sub 1hr 25min the target, the plan I had was to start slowly, use HH richard Hardy as a pacemaker and work into it. I stood with Sam mellor & Tim Rutter and on the gun we were off, me & sam taking it easy at first and tim & Mr Hardy, shooting off into the distance.

1st mile was windy as soon as we got onto Attercliffe Rd, but going down the bridge I noticed we were running 6:15 pace, Too Fast? not sure we rained it in a little

2nd mile was along Brightside Rd with little wind down here, we clocked another 6:18 mile.

3rd mile was still on Brightside Rd then onto Effingham Rd, stopped looking at the watch here so no mile splits, sorry. We could start to see Tim again, so we turned up comercial st, down pond street. we were still catching Tim slowly. then it was up matilda st, down arundel gate, under Bramall lane roundabout, up Bramall Lane where I grabbed my special drink & Gel from the drinks station. I seemed to lose a little on Sam & Tim here while taking on Gel. turned left onto the road leading to London Road, Down London Road, Chucked my empty bottle into a bin,  up Cemetery rd, they had advertised Lucozade on here but none was to be seen, turned right down towards Ecclesall road.

I could see Tim in front but Sam was pulling away a little. Saw spectators  Ryan Jenkinson halfway down the hill and Mozzy at the bottom. Onto Ecclesall Rd I concentrated on Catching Tim again and did quite quickly, The Leaders started to come down the other side, Me & tim worked together to get to the turnaround point  before I pulled away from him, at this point I had a little altercation, As I turned to go back down Eccy rd there was a parked car on the left, I tried to go down the side but the runner in front drifted in front of me, I had the choice of running into the back of the car or slamming him out of the way. the latter won.

I continued down Eccy Rd picking up the pace a little. Passed Mozzy again and under Moorest roundabout, up to Wellington street then Division street, It was all feeling a little easy which was a good surprise. Got some Vocal support from Mike Exton to which I shouted ‘easy, easy.’

Down past City Hall ( where Mozzy was AGAIN) thru Peace gardens, down past the Crucible, thru the underground car park, along Arundel gate and sprinting while smiling insanely down Comercial Street. I was ACTUALLY ENJOYING it.

Very Bizarre!

Back along Effingham Rd where no sign of the Adertised Lucozade. I had before being told the website said there would be Lucozade planned on having another Special drink here. Dissapointed to say the least.

Back onto Brightside Lane and I caught, passed & pulled away from Richard hardy and anothe rguy who always beats me @ parkrun. Cool. Near the end of Brightside lane I picked up pace, up the bridge along Hawke Street, onto Attercliffe rd into what should have been a tailwind but the bloody wind had changed direction and was still a headwind. Turned left onto Darnall road still with hope of sub 1hr 25. Around the back of Don Valley Stadium.

Then into the stadium and around the back of the seats, back out again but time had already passed 1:25:00, so didnt risk any injury by sprinting to the line.

A very acceptable 1hr 25min 52secs & 77th place.

When I had cooled down I could feel pain in my right heel which as thankfully gone now. Something to watch out for tho in next couple of weeks.

Anyway, a liitle tired so Bye For Now.

Please, Please donate to my Charitygiving page in Aid of Bluebell Wood Hospice.


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