Double runs, Race/No Race & The RW SSC social night.

“Listen to your body. Do not be a blind and deaf tenant.” – Dr. George Sheehan

23 Days till the White Peak Marathon. Now that sounds really close!

The quote above describes the biggest lesson I have had to learn over the last 17weeks of marathon training. It is a thing we runners have a tendency NOT to do. We push & push until we break. So far apart from a cold & a little tendonitis in the back of the knee I have had a pretty good build up due to remembering the words ‘listen to your body.’ I have backed off when needed & pushed when I can.

Marathon Training is still going great but I have forgotten what it is like to start a run without thinking ‘my legs feel tired.’

Anyway on with the training report.

Monday was an Important, much-needed rest day.

Tuesday morning started with an attempt at a 4mile run at 7:30min mile pace. I was close with Splits of 7.26 6.56 6.43 7.00. so good start but a little fast for the other 3miles but it felt really easy which was a pleasing surprise. 4.28miles in 30min 50sec.

Tuesday night was part 2 of the double session day. Legs were a little tired after the morning so I did a more subdued run from work to Morrisons @ Hillsborough via weston park. 6.04miles in 48min 09secs.

Wednesday was the South Yorkshire Road League #3 in brodworth, Doncaster. I was struggling to get a lift to the race, so I emailed a couple of people to ask for a lift &made the decision to give it till 3pm then if I didn’t get one to forget the Race & just do a 5mile run instead. 3pm came & no lift offer, but this made me happier than if I had managed to get a lift. I didn’t really want to  race really. It was the RW SSC social night out as well and wanted to go for a chat & a drink with some good people.

first it was the five miler. Set off from work, down past Don Valley Stadium, one lap of Don Valley Bowl, along Attercliffe road a little, up greenland road, onto the canal, up, under & along the tinsley viaduct(which isn’t a nice place to run),

Tinsley Viaduct

down meadowhall road and finishing just over outside the Oasis @ Meadowhall.  Set off feeling frisky and the splits show this a little. 7.17 6.31 7.15 7.36 6.46. Was a little bit disappointed with the 4th split but realised this was along the viaduct and the air is very poor on there. 5.04miles in 36minute exactly.

The RW SSC social night was a hoot and I got to meet some people for the first time after talking to them on the forum for quite a while. Had some good laughs.

Two runs today which will be in Sundays blog. Sunday is the last Long run for me. It is scary to think after Sunday it is Taper time except for the SIG Sheffield Half marathon on the 8th May.

AnyWay Bye for now.

Please, Search down the back of the sofa and give to Bluebell wood Hospice via

Bluebell wood hospice Charity giving page


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