A good training week & ‘Roasting’ the Central Governor

Other people may not have high expectations of me, but I have high expectations for myself.
— Shannon Miller

27Days to the White Peak Marathon!

Less than 4weeks now till I toe the line in Cromford Meadows in North Derbyshire. oh bugger! Obviously still got the SIG Sheffield Half Marathon in 2 weeks to go before then and not sure yet how to approach that. There are two options,

1. to go for it, see how fast I go & hope I recover in time for the white peak two weeks later

2. just get around in sub 1:30 which would be a PB for this event & the safety first option but do know I will feel I havent given the race justice which will grate me.

Anyway the last 4 days training…   Its got better and better.

Thursday night was the Hartcliffe Hill fell race. I had decided not to do this race but just run up with the Rusty the dog to watch and run home after. So we ran along the north bank of the underbank & along bluebell trail upto Langsett barn on a warm sunny evening. Journey up was 3.63miles in 37min 22sec going to the barn  & the journey back the same way was a shorter 3.36miles in 32min 22sec.

Friday morning I got the tram bus to middlewood then ran to work finishing with a couple of laps of the woodburn road stadium track. 5.4miles in 40min 22sec.

Saturday morning was the usual,  Parkrun @ Endcliffe park. I had decided to take this week easy due to making the day a hard long run day by putting 17miles onto the back of the race. So 3.2.1, go and it was off. Again there was a lot of congestion with slower runners starting near the front but I managed to get myself into 7th place anyway. The first lap was done easily and on looking at my watch the first split was 9min 34secs, Carried on thru the second lap keeping my eye on the lad in front knowing if i kept at him he would keep trying to keep me behind him and blow up…….which he did and me and Terry from Rotherham Harriers went past him on the turn onto Rustlings road. We then proceeded to pull away. Terry got onto my shoulder but I didn’t want to get into a race so when with 100yrds to go he made his move & uncharacteristically I let him sprint past me to the finish. 18:31 & 7th place. Riggsy scored another PB not far behind me running 18:51 & 12th place. Must keep a close eye on him. 😉

After we got our barcodes scanned Riggsy & I ran down to the interchange and I carried on. The rest of the run was an exercise in running in the heat of a mid morning sun coupled with absolutely appalling air quality. I ran up to attercliffe, back along brightside lane, thru neepsend, along penistone road, along middlewood road and all the way up Bitholmes to home. It just got hotter & hotter but I wasnt letting the central governor get me so I gave it a good ‘roasting.’ 17miles in 2hr 5min.

20.1miles in 2hr 23min in total for the day.

Today I ran from the brother in-laws in Southey Green, down herries rd, thru Beeley woods, into Warncliffe woods and along the trail to deepcar. Then up Manchester rd to home. The sun decided to come out again 2minute into the run and continued burning down on me all the way home. 10.09miles in 1hr 25min.

That means with 7days continuous running I have managed to run a total weekly mileage of 77.18miles. That is the most I have ever ran in one week. With one more week of full Marathon training I am in good condition to do well in The White peak.

I would like to thank my Wife Emma for ALL the support & understanding thru the last four months of training. There has been a couple of sulks but mostly she has been fantastic. Love you Mrs Irvine.

Mind is everything: muscle–pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind. Paavo Nurmi

As always please can you donate any spare change you can to a deserving cause. Bluebell Wood Hospice



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