Trunce #2, a good club & running in the sun

“Running is real and relatively simple…but it ain’t easy.” – Mark Will-Weber

31 days till The White Peak Marathon

Things have looked up the last 3 days, Had a few good running sessions.

Monday, The first run of 3 on the night was Deepcar to oxspring via thurgoland  with Steve Millar for the TRUNCE. 4.29miles in 37min 24sec.

The Trunce started for me a little slowly with me getting boxed in. Makes me laff that loads of people speed off up the hill only to fade halfway along the dirt trail where I shot past loads of them. As always down the hill, across the river, along the road, up the quarry hill, along the cow fields, down the windy wooded muddy hill, across the river, along the road, across the river, back up the hill where i was feeling quite strong

back along the dirt path where I just faded badly. I lost a few places on here. Down under the bridge and a sprint finish over the finish. 27min 53secs & 29th place. 30sec slower than last time but still under 28min.

The last leg was over the hill back home to Stocksbridge via Back lane & cranberry road. 3.54miles in 36min 16sec.

Just under 12miles for the night.

Tuesday was a double session day

First up was a 5mile recovery run from Middlewood to work. A little warm even for 9am. 5miles exactly in around 40min.

Tuesday night was Hallamshire harrier club nigh. No Mike Theobold so no speed session again. We instead did a rivelin valley trail run out, up the hill to Stanington then down into loxley valley and back to the clubhouse. Good run in the evening sunshine & nice to meet a new lad called Alex. 7.25miles in 1hr 02min.

This Morning I decided to run to work. Set off staying in the shade for the first 6 or 7miles but then I had to run in the morning sun, it quickly started to become very hot hard work. Arrived at work with sweat pouring off me. Hard run and good practice for the likely chance of same weather in May @ The white peak marathon. 11.54miles in 1hr 28min 24sec.

Lets hope I can keep this up for another week & half, finishing the Marathon training in style.

Anyway Bye for Now.

Please donate to the charity of my choice. Bluebellwood Hospice

“No doubt a brain and some shoes are essential for marathon success, although if it comes down to a choice, pick the shoes. More people finish marathons with no brains than with no shoes.” – Don Kardong


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