Still Ill, Easy Training runs & the SY Road league #2

“Know why people run marathons? …Because running is rooted in our collective imagination, and our imagination is rooted in running. Language, art, science; space shuttles, Starry Night, intravascular surgery; they all had their roots in our ability to run. Running was the superpower that made us human — which means it’s a superpower all humans posses.”
— Christopher McDougall

Today is Thursday 14th April 2011 and their is-

37Days till the White Peak Marathon

Still got cold and on Monday morning I awoke with a sore knee from catching it on a stile on Sundays SSC social run. It hurt to run 50yrd for a tram so running Monday was a no go. The quads were also sore from the ‘controlled falling down’ the hills of the peak district anyway so a rest day was a good idea anyway.

Tuesday then meant Halamshire Harrier club night. Not speed this time with South Yorkshire 5mile Road League on Wednesday night. Quads were still a little sore and the knee still hurt but was runnable. The group set off thru the park, along Leppings lane & Clay wheels lane, then thru Beeley woods before climbing the trail up towards Foxhill. We then went along the road, thru the small forest and down Station lane to across from the intermet yard. We then turned into Beeley woods again, down the trail & onto Middlewood road were the pace as I predicted picked up to the clubhouse. 7.1miles in 1hr 07min. A nice easy run at a reasonably slow pace with a little climb. Did feel a little tired because of the cold but an OK run.

Wednesday was as stated above road league race number 2 in low bradfield and around Damflask

First I needed to get there so caught the tram to Hillsborough and did a Slow trail run to the damwall. 3.6miles in 32min. Walked the rest of the 2miles along the path to the Cricket club and the start. Due to the cold I wasnt expecting much of the race. If I had been well I would have aimed for sub 30mins but ill I just wanted around 31mins.

The race started well with me feeling quite strong and started to pick of small groups of runners around the reservoir and carried on along the dam wall picking off solo & groups of runners. The plan then was to get up the hill and fly down the other side. Going up the hill I consolidated my position and closed on a couple of guys inc. a Chinese kid who had taken advantage of me blowing up at SY 1/2. I made it my mission to beat him this time. Felt good going down the hill and drew level with the Chinese guy finally passing him as we got into the village.

This is where it started to unravel a bit. I had a cough and the chest started to feel heavy. Not good with 2 miles to go. Energy was draining out of me quickly.  Along the road following the plough Pub I just couldn’t maintain any kind of pace and was bleeding positions now & again, inc. the chinese kid. Just before the second dam wall crossing I got some resemblance of race pace back and started to gain on a few people inc the chinese kid.  Heard someone shout ”come on Lee” and turned around to see Lee Smith, A Barnsley Harrier & fellow runnersworld SSC thread friend behind me. He is running the Virgin London Marathon at the weekend. He is a lot faster than me but was doing a Marathon pace race as a confidence boost. I wasnt letting him past me when he was ‘jogging around’ so found a burst of speed taking me flying past Chinese kid and two other runners to the finish. 31min 19secs on my watch which I am happy with considering the cold and the second half of the race wilt. Just have to wait for official results for position and actual time.

Decided to take a few days off from running to try to recover from this cold and regain some strength & energy. With any luck the Marathon Training can resume next week starting with The Second TRUNCE. Fingers crossed everyone.

Good luck to all the VLM runners this weekend. Especially

Lee Smith, Jeremy Mirams and Lindsay Ladhams.

Anyway Bye For Now

Just move your legs. Because if you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.
-Dr. Dennis Bramble

As always please give genuosly to my charitygiving page for Bluebell Wood Hospice


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