The Barnsley Double Challenge.

“If it comes easy, if it doesn’t require extraordinary effort, you’re not pushing hard enough: It’s supposed to hurt like hell.”
Dean Karnazes High School XC Coach

6Week 6Days Till The White Peak Marathon.

That just Scared me a little.

Training has gone well this week. After the two races Monday & Wednesday, Thursday it was nice to get back to normal training…………….for one session at least at Hallamshire Harriers.

Keep this short as I a lot to report for saturday.

On leaving the Clubhouse we went along Rivelin road thru the woods, past the ponds. Then it was across the road before climbing up thru the fields to Stannington, then down thru the woods and down the bank(where I fell for the second time this week) to loxley valley. We then ran back along the trail to hillsborough again. 7.28miles in 1hr 04min

Friday was a rest day ready for the Next days adventures

The Barnsley Double

This involved two races and two general runs in one morning.

First up was hilly The Barnsley Parkrun @ Locke Park, the first time I had attempted this Parkrun. With me was Riggsy & Baz. On 3,2,1 go we set off & I quickly positioned myself at the front of the group which was difficult due to the winding route. The idea in Locke park is to follow the yellow arrows that are either nailed to trees or painted on the path. Problem is that some arrows have fell off the tree’s and some on the path have faded. I had Riggsy behind shouting which way to go when I almost went the wrong way. After half of the first lap I felt confident enough to pull clear of the rest of the field. The first lap was done in 6:25min, Continued the pace onto lap 2 & 3 and started to lap back runners straight away on lap 3.

I Came 1st out of 64 runners in 19min 18secs. Riggsy was 2nd in 20min 16secs. Baz was 30th in 25min 25secs.

A short rest and I set off running to Silkstone for the Shuffle. 4.39miles in 34min 30secs. Paid for my number, looked for Riggsy & Baz who had driven to silkstone for Race #2

It was also my first Silkstone Shuffle, A 4.25mile very Hilly mixed surface race. Again on 3,2,1, Go I set off gaining a few places on the road section and consolidating my position on the long, steep never-ending dirt track up to the top of Bower Hill, We turned left here and got into a race with a couple of guys along the dual carriageway till we turned right and headed back down the trail, thru a couple of fields and back onto the trail. I was starting to suffer a bit now. We then had to turn sharp right onto another trail. I fell over for the third time in a week. I lost a couple of places and decided not to chase them back down. I stayed in the position I was in and finished at a canter. 17th place in 29min 23secs.

Riggsy 32nd in 31min 42secs. Baz was 78th in 36min17secs.

Another short rest & I set off back up the long never-ending hill, down Bower hill to Oxspring, along the TPT and along the road to Thurgoland. next was along Finkle street and up Manchester Road to Home. 9miles in 1hr 16min.

20.7miles in a combined time of 2hr 40min. Good long run achieved. Felt Strong all day so maybe I should have remembered the above quote.

Today I took Rusty the dog on a 5.5mile recovery run on the trail around The underbank reservoir and along Bramall lane.

5.5miles in a slow 51min 37secs.

A good start to April’s big mileage month.

Anyway Bye For Now

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“I continued treading the delicate line between recklessness and responsibility, never letting on how much time and effort were being poured into this single dream.”
Dean Karnazes



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