A Changed Runner?, Trail running & Pacing Tigger

”I have to change a lot of things before I become a good marathon runner.”
Haile Gebrselassie
9Week 6Days till the White Peak Marathon or just 69days left. Gulp!
I have, like the Ethiopian legend, marathon WR holder had to change a lot of things in my marathon training so far. upping y average mileage on training runs,  thinking about which races will be good for my training  instead of  jumping at every possible race and as yesterdays Parkrun showed running at a more conservative set pace rather than just trying to power thru each race at full belt.
The good running from Sunday to Wednesday has continued thru the week.
Thursday night was as usual club run night. Wanted something slightly easier than usual after getting back into regular mileage and that is what I got.
Setting off from Hillsborough Park we went along Taplin Rd, along rivelin on the trail and then up past tofts lane to Stannington, down Grove lane, past the Pinegrove(well whats left of it) and back thru Malin bridge and Taplin Rd to club house. 6.35miles in 55min 32secs. Nice easy run.
Friday was rest the legs day.
Saturday was Parkrun Day, Not the usual this week. Aim was to do it at Marathon Pace of 6:50miles. Thought it would ideal pace to get Richie ‘tigger’ Buckley off the RW Sheffield Social thread to a sub 21min 5k PB. So arrived at Endcliffe Park, warmed up, bumped into Steven ‘windy’ Millar who also wanted to go sub 21 and told both of them they were racing each other.
The words 3,2,1 and we were off, Richie set off a little fast and suffered for it near the end of the path past the ponds, We finished the first lap with Richie just off the pace for sub 21 but with plenty of time to catch it up. Millar just behind us. Tried to get Richie to pick up pace a little but he was suffering on the gradual hill. We turned onto Rustlings road and Millar went past us on here and slowly started to pull away. Richie was fading slightly & I knew could struggle to get under 21min but still had a chance. Millar was 20 secs in front coming onto the drive and 1/4mile away from finish, I wasnt going to let him beat me so I took off in fast pursuit, went past him before the bridge, went past 3more and finished in 20min 47secs and 38th place. Millar finished in 20min 55sec which was an excellent effort & Richie 21min 09secs. So proud of the effort Richie put in and will undoubtably go under 21min soon. Marathon pace kept up until end where strode past Millar. Good pacing from me I think.
I then set off for another 7miles from the park to Middlewood tram station. Good run in the sun. 7miles in 58min 23secs. No pain in knee since Tuesday which is great.
Today I was planning 10-15miles but not managed to get off my arse and run. Not good but will try to do 15miles tomorrow to compensate. Tuesday may be Club speed or some part or all of commute home then rest for 4days and rest/heal knee totally ready for an hopefully quickish SY 1/2 marathon around wath/bolton on Dearne. 1hr 25min-1hr 30min target.
Only 47miles this week(Monday – Sunday) but have felt quite tired due to running some regular routes faster this week.
Anyway……Bye For Now.
”I can’t imagine living and not running.”
Paula Radcliffe
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