Damflask tempo running, Parkrun PB attempt & walking on sunshine

“Running is a mental sport…and we’re all insane!”
– Author unknown

10week 6days till The White Peak Marathon

The above quote is, as every runner will say, true. you have to be insane to get up at 6am, eat breakfast and head out into the cold frosty Feb/Mar morning and run 10miles or go to a 5k time trial 11miles away or do a full days work and then go to run in the evening. But its a nice insane, As a popular shoe manufacturers adverts say, ‘running releases more than just sweat’. I wouldn’t want to be anything else but a RUNNER!

Been a good last few days of my running life. Thank god after last couple of week.

Thursday was Hallamshire Harriers club run night. Went hoping for an easy running night with the crazy idea of trying to PB in the Hallam Parkrun Saturday. During the discussions about where to go the 1in4 came up. Not keen on that idea I suggested the Loxley road/around damflask loop. About 10miles and undulating, So Me, Jez & Sam mellor set off from clubhouse along taplin and up loxley road and was quickly joined on Loxley Road by 1 more in Mark aka umper lumper.  After the first 3miles at just 8 1/4 min mile speed the pace became not as slow as I planned but was a good Tempo style run in the end. Ave pace for 10.18miles in 1hr 18min was 7:44min miles when we finished. It is pretty good at club at moment with 4 or 5 of us at roughly the same speed. A little pain in knee right at end of the run but nothing to worry about.

A good sign with the SY half coming up in two-week that Mark ran the west Lancashire half in 1hr 25min something and I am definitely faster than him so my ideal target of sub 1hr 25min half is in my sights.

Friday was a rest and refuel the tired leg day in prep for the Parkrun.

Saturday morning I woke up with still tired legs but I still got my self out of bed and made the journey to Endcliffe park with doubts but hope that a Parkrun PB was still possible. Set my Garmin to target 18min 15secs or better. Mike Exton was supporting from the park & had brought the Nike Triax I was buying off him. I decided, risky, to wear them for the Parkrun rather than my lighter Asics Virage. The race started and I quickly got up to pace and found myself in 14/15th in a very fast field. The first lap finished with me 5secs off the pace of the Garmin but I had made a couple of places up. The second lap was a game of holding on while the legs felt very tired after the hard 3omile I had done since monday. Mick Green, 52yr old england runner was doing his usually succesful tactic of keeping me in his sights and taking me halfway thru the second lap. I am a faster, stronger runner this year so was able to pick up pace and gain a bit of distance on him, Got into a good contest with fellow harrier Rick o’toole and was keeping an eye on tobias in front of us. Rick finally got the better of me and neither of us could close the gap on Tobias so finished in 11th place. Only 1 second behind Garmin

18min 16secs. A new PB by 10secs. A very good result with the double fact that I had run in unfamiliar shoes and with tired legs.

Today was a semi rest day. The wife, me, rusty and daisy went for the walk up pea royd road to green moor and back down via hunshelf bank and bramhall lane. 5.5miles on a nice, sunny day. Good views from up here.

Fingers crossed for a good week of running from tomorrow and a taper the week after for the SY half.

Anyway Bye For Now

“It hurts up to a point and then it doesn’t get any worse.”
Ann Trason
Again please donate to Bluebell wood via my Charity giving page

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