Healing time & a New Parkrun/5k PB

”Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder.”
William Sigei

11week 6days till the white peak marathon

Due to the knee pain on Tuesday night/Wednesday, Thursday was an obvious rest day.

Friday I woke up pain-free with the idea of testing the knee on the track next to work to check I would be able to Race the Hallam Parkrun Saturday morning. 1x400mtr warm up, 2x400mtr reps, 2x60mtr reps and a 400mtr warm down without any pain reassured me Saturday was a definite goer.

Saturday morning then was Parkrun PB attempt day. Woke up again like last months PB attempt 15min before alarm. Got to Endcliffe park and told everyone I was going to run 18min 24secs. The race started fast with me first chasing a group of 5 in front then backing off when I realised there was a couple of 2hr 26 marathon runners in there. I was racing the Garmin Virtual partner & joint pacing with fellow Hallamshire Harrier Steve Canning and we kept together with him slightly behind me all the way around the first lap. Look at watch, 17yrd in front of GVP. We continued onto second lap, up past the first pond and up to the second pond, this is when he went past me. Thinking I had slowed down I tried to chase him but a quick look at Garmin again made me realise I hadn’t slowed down he had just got faster. I continued chasing him and Tobias the guy in front but when he quickly went past Tobias I knew I wasnt catching him up. Tobias was close so it was down the drive for the second time 10secs behind. A final pick up of pace around the last little lap and I finished 5secs behind. Back of Knee grumbled a little on the second lap but no sharp Pain.

9th place in 18min 24secs. A new PB by 15sec. Steve finished 7th in 18min 08secs(new PB) which means the next PB attempt will be  18min 05sec for me. Steve Millar also ran a new PB so a good day all round. A warm down mile into town with Millar put me on 9.5miles this week with another rest day today after weeks of 50+ mile weeks.

Marathon training begins with fingers crossed tomorrow.


Bye For Now.

”People don’t know why we run, but it’s the hard work you put into practice, and the reward you get from the race.”
Courtney Parsons

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