Knee pain, Werewolfs & the longest Distance ever

12 week 6 days till White peak Marathon

“Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any”
-Anthony Bailey

It has not been the best few days of running since my last post.

Thursday night the foot was still a little sore but decided to go to club, see how it felt while running and turn around if it got too bad. After the realization I had turned into a forefoot striker I now had to land on the midfoot again to take strain off foot a little. Worked well and didnt feel any pain at all in it all night. We ran out to Oughtibridge, up church street to the jennel past the junior school, up haggstones road to Worral & up  past bradfield school then a left turn over the hill to the farm, down long lane and back to clubhouse along rodney hill.  All had been fine till 500yard from clubhouse felt a sharp pain in the back of the knee while striding downhill which went as quick as it came. worrying a bit tho. Carried on at a more conservative pace. 7.44miles in 1hr 03min.

Friday I scrubbed all plans of any run & rested legs due to pain in knee incident from previous night and have fresher legs for Parkrun saturday.

Saturday morning I got up to go to Parkrun. Went downstairs, looked out the window and saw Snow on the shed roof. S**ting hell

Right everyone

There was no way I could get to the Parkrun. Was looking forward to it after missing last week. Well  done to all that did make it.   I decided I would run 8-10miles instead. Waited till the snow had stopped and set off at 5pm with the dark and fog setting in. Ran up & past Underbank dam, all the way up Mortimor road, turned left at the top onto Wind hill. Got up onto long lane towards Bolsterstone with the moors on both side. Very very foggy and could hear various animal noises so I kept getting flashbacks of American Werewolf in London. At one point I am sure I heard some one shout

”Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.”

So I stopped & looked. Couldnt see anyone so set off running again when I thought I heard

Beware the moon, lads.”

That was it. Picked up the pace, past a man with a large dog, Well I think it was a dog. All the way up to bolsterstone, down the windy road to carr road, all the way down to deepcarr and back up Manchester Rd to home. 9miles in 1hr 14min. Pain in knee appeared again after 6miles but not as sharp.

Today was Long run day again. Ran along Manchester road, down Bitholmes, along middlewood road, leppings lane and then all the way up halifax road and along penistone Road north (knee pain it me here again) then to near tankersley, up to howbrook then right towards pilley and along The flats. this is where i seemed to struggle. Dont know if it was the mud or the tiredness after last nights run and todays 15miles so far. Finally and gratefully got to Wortley then down steep finkle street, allong finkle street bottom to deepcar and back up manchester road to home. knackered to say the least. 20miles in 2hr 55min but I was at 10miles after 1hr 18min which shows how much I struggled for the last 5miles. Plus note is this is the longest training run i have ever done.

Any way bye for now.

The only way to overcome is to hang in. Even I’m starting to believe that.
-Dan OBrien
It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.

Please Dig deep, count up your change and give to a worthy cause


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