One wrong turn, raining footballs & Me Vs Mother Nature

Ow do? Hey up!

14week 6days to White Peak Marathon

Welcome back, ive a lot to report this time

Thursday was Club run night, 12 of us set out to a run we call jennels which involves running up thru the upperthorpe estate jennels to Western park, past hallamshire hospital and down thru Endcliffe park before return via steep jennels to crosspool, up to crookes and down to hillsborough via walkley. Well that is if I am not leading us the wrong way. First time i did it was almost right away up a dead-end just off Infirmary road 5min in to run. Everything else went to plan till we made it thru endcliffe park onto rustlings road. Couldnt find the right jennel so ended up running up the road to junction at shops. Got us back on track and kept climbing to the where we should have turned towards crosspool but I took us left resulting in arriving at Sandygate lane(hallam chase start/finish). left the decision torun back towards crosspool or drop down the very steep coldwell lane to rivlin road to rest of group. Consensus was down the latter. we arrived back at clubhouse after 1hr 30min at 19:30. a bit late for a club run but only 8.95mile. They wont let me lead a run again. he he!

Friday was rest day but the gale force wind was causing chaos at work, falling rebound boards, netting ripping and the building shaking to its core. Well about 11am the lucozade delivery arrived, was dropped off and the driver was talking about a board coming off the track portacabin and hitting his waggon. As he was talking to me a football suddenly blew off the roof and hit him cleanly in the side of his head. Did everything I could to NOT laugh. So funny tho.

Saturday was yet again Parkrun day. Plan was to pace Riggsy to a sub 19:55 5K. Woke up at 6am, saw the rain and hoped he would say he wasnt running so i could skip it this week. He hadn’t by 7:30 so i set off for bus. He messaged me on FB that he wasnt well and wasnt able to run at 8:30. Too late for me to turn back home so it left me with deciding whether to go for another PB or just jog round. Decided to get off at university and run the 1.22mile down to park as a warm up and just take it easy round.

19min 7secs wasnt as slow as I should have run but I really didn’t think I put that much effort in but the mile splits off 6:18 6:08 6:00 0:44 say otherwise. Could I have run faster than my 5k PB if i had pushed? who knows.

Today was Long run day. Set off down thru deepcar, along finkle street to thurgoland, along old mill lane and onto the TPT to Oxspring. This is where I found the strong head wind that I would suffer with for the next 4miles. All the way up back lane, right onto Cranberry Road, along hartcliffe hill road

Top of Hartcliffe hill with langsett & Midhope dams in distance. Both of which I need to run past

down Hartcliffe hill…..evetually, got over tip of hill, tried to run down the hill and was pushed back up the hill by the wind. turned onto gilbert hill road, no respite from the wind here. Halfway down the hill a guy in a car stopped to ask if i was running in the race?

‘what race?’ i said

‘the mickleden Straddle’

‘no, didn’t know about it’

curiosity got the better of me after he had gone and I stopped off at Langsett barn to investigate. got talking to Andy Plummer(PFPR/mountain rescue), said hello to Shaun Marsden(Barnsley harriers) and met one of the best fellrunners in the world who was running under a different name. Cant say/not allowed to mention who. I was offered a bit of spare kit & a free entry to run.

Very tough 14mile fell race in this weather on the back of 10.5miles of hard road running?

nah, even I am not That crazy! Maybe next year

Set back off back home along Langsett dam, up then down past midhope reservoir and down and along side of underbank, along manchester road to home. 15.36miles of wet, wind, hilly & hard road running.

57miles for the week, 46+ miles in February. good start to an important month in marathon training.


Bye for now

Please donate to a deserving charity Bluebell wood, Putting smiles on poorly children


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