sunny hills, Peter Kay & speeding in the dark

White Peak 15 1/2 week  away.

hey up guys.

Wednesday here already, where has this week gone?

Been a fairly good week in running & life, Monday started with a really good run in the late January sun. Set off from the house setting off towards & past Underbank dam, along the country roads thru midhope, up the steep never-ending hill and down to the picturesque Langsett wall where this was taken


view from Langsett Dam wall


this is where i got a good view of my next destination Hartcliffe hill


Hartcliffe hill- the lump @ the top of the picture


via Gilbert hill. A bloody long climb later I arrived to see typical Sheffield weather patterns, Bright beaming sunshine on Stocksbridge/Langsett side and cloud and rain on the Penistone side of the hill. A long undulating run along the tops in the sunshine(even had to take top layer off and run in t-shirt, IN JANUARY!) to Green moor and a controlled fall down Pea Royd lane to meet wifey at vision gym. 11.56miles in 1hr 26min.

187miles total in January.

Monday night was Peter Kay at the arena. SO Funny, he is fantastic live with quite a lot of belly laughs. Still remembering jokes two nights later. Some of the funniest jokes involved words in classic songs sounding like something else ie. ‘putting a staple in the vicar’ from sister sledges we are family and Celine Dion singing the ‘the hot dogs will go on’ from titanic and jokes about things teachers say ‘why are you SWANNING in at this time?’ and the classic one ‘silence when your Talkin to me’ . Listen to the songs, you will hear it. Funny Funny man! and not a ‘Garlic Bread?’ in sight. well apart from the one I had for my tea.

Tuesday night was club Speed session night in Hillsborough Park or black hole of S6 with so many street lights out in the park. It was pitch black on the stretch at the top near the swings. A hard session doing 1400m reps followed by 400m recovery. One annoyance was the idiot who was walking along a pitch black path with a black dog and wearing Black clothing. how I didn’t run into him at full pelt is anyones guess but managed to swerve at last second.  what a nobhead! him not me. 6.5miles done

This morning. Back to work after four days off. Planned a 5mile recovery but decided to run the 11mile run to work instead. Set off and thought i was struggling, looked down at my watch and was off at 7:31 pace. Waaaaayy too fast after two days of good tough running but couldn’t slow myself down. Not good at all. got to the 8mile point in ave 7.4pace with a strong head wind. I WAS F###ed. Finally slowed down and I mean slowed down. last 3miles done at ave 8:30pace.

Got to work and I was struggling to walk never mind work. Managed to get some food & energy drink in me and started to feel human again. Thank god!

Will have to take tomorrows Club run easy.

Who’s betting I don’t?

anyway, Bye for Now





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